The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody (2013)

yzkqIMqAs a hardcore geek of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead,” the cover for Burning Angel’s parody of the show is incorrect and irritating. They mimic the poster for season two of the series, and feature most of the cast on Dale’s RV, and yet instead of Dale, we have Michonne in his place. I’m sure it was never their intention to have a bowl hatted seventy year old getting in to a threesome with Michonne and Andrea, but I’m sure there could have been a better way around it. And a “The Walking Dead” porn version without a XXX Maggie performer? Missed opportunity, Burning Angel. Joanna Angel does star as Lori, so it’s not a complete loss, all things considered.

“A Hardcore Parody” is essentially a re-enactment of the series from the moment Rick awakens in the hospital, except utterly hilarious. Rather than an opening scene, Rick dreams of the moment he was shot and entered in to a coma ad hilarity, and he awakens in a room where someone was kind enough to tape paper on his window with wire tape. If he’s in a coma why did he need to be covered from the outside elements? The movie opens much in the way the show does, except Rick (Tommy Pistol) is attacked by a stray female zombie who pins Rick down and engages in some necrophilia with him. You have to love how the zombie’s face is rotted while the rest of her body are clean and flesh toned.

“A Hardcore Parody” will appeal to anyone, from hardcore fans who want to see how closely Burning Angel emulates the series, to those who loathe the show and want to see it lampooned. The movie is filled with laughs (note the Atlanta skyline and working street lights in spite of the fact it’s the end of the world), and I was very entertained by the sex scenes. After his confrontation with the zombie, Rick makes it home and decides to find his wife and son after finding her dildo and sets out to look for them. The movie has a good time poking fun at the show, as we meet Lori and Shane camped out in an abandoned warehouse, and during their moments of intimacy Carl keeps interrupting, startling Lori. Lori is depicted as a cold shrew, while Shane is a dick who hates Carl’s guts.

When Carl is told to piss off, he and Sophia have some alone time. Andrea is depicted hilariously as an anti-male raving lesbian who does nothing but bash men and screams “Men are dicks! I hate dicks!” Of course, this is lead in to her girl on girl scene with the gorgeous Skin Diamond, who is a clear stand out among the female performers by a mile. Most of the parody garners some great sex scenes, but mostly it’s a laugh riot with some surprising comic timing. I never understood why Lori and her group didn’t just stay at their house in this version, and why Rick returns to the home is never explained. The movie then turns in to the search for Sophia and Carl comes to grip with her inevitable turn in to a walker by drilling her on a roof as the group watches. Rick’s discovery of Shane and Lori’s affair is brilliant, Tommy Pistol gives a great impression of Andrew Lincoln, and you have to love how Carl is turned in to the most annoying character in the movie.

“The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody” delivers on all levels, including laughs.