Turbo: Music From The Motion Picture [Digital]

Considering “Turbo” is an animated movie about a speeding snail racing cars, the soundtrack for the movie is obviously going to be a hefty mix of hip hop, hard rock, and standard upbeat pop. The soundtrack for “Turbo” surely isn’t the worst compilation you can own, as it garners some pretty nifty tracks, even for folks not interested in the exploits of a super fast snail.

Snoop Dogg who offers voice work for the movie provides a track called “Let the Bass Go” which is a techno hip hop ditty that’s fairly catchy. There’s the classic hip hop song from Run DMC “It’s Tricky,” which is an easily accessible rap song for the intended consumer for the compilation. It’s still one of their most mainstream tracks and it’s a classic.

There’s “What’s New Pussycat?” from Tom Jones that still garners some camp value, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” is another track from Snoop Dogg that’s one of my favorites from the artist in his latter day work as a hip hop star. There’s also House of Pain’s 1990’s classic “Jump Around,” a song that seems to be a requirement for almost every movie released in the aughts these days. The song still warps me back to the 90’s and it’s still a very solid hip hop tune.

This version of “Jump Around” is the uncensored version for some reason. Weird considering “Turbo” is a G rated film. The Jackson 5 are included with their wonderful pop tune “Going Back to Indiana” which I presume is played during a traveling montage of some kind. There’s also the Sher Gunn remix of “Eye of the Tiger” a mostly spliced version of the original song giving a much breezier less eighties tone to it. There are also various scores from Henry Jackman peppered throughout the compilation including “Supersnail” and “Meet The Competition,” among many.

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