Vindicate (2012)

Director Patrick Rea’s latest short film for “Withered World” is a unique and interesting take on the revenge film and the consequences of the act that affect literally everyone. While most films would glorify the act of vengeance, “Vindicate” takes a step back and ponders on the ripple effect is for avenging one’s family.

A man still grieving the death of his wife and child finds himself at a crossroads after they were run over by a drunk driver. Garnering a gun, he sets out to find the man who did it and make him pay, as his world comes closing in around him. While Director Patrick Rea has a knack for genre films, “Vindicate” displays a clear talent for human drama as well.

“Vindicate” is that revenge drama you almost want to see, because while sensationalistic films of the sub-genre are nice, someone always pays when it comes to murder and payback. Patrick Rea is only given a short time to really convey every hint of the story with visual cues, and he pulls it off well with a clear idea of what our character has suffered through and what his full intent is. Director Patrick Rea continues to show he’s mastered storytelling down to an art.