HazMat (2013)

HazmaAs a slasher fanatic I really can’t endorse “Hazmat” enough. As a Hispanic male, the almost completely Hispanic cast for “Hazmat” is also another reason why I endorse director Lou Simon’s slasher film. You often see so many slasher films about white kids running back and forth and fighting a slasher, it’s rare that we see a predominantly Hispanic cast facing off against a masked killer.

“Hazmat” is a very good and entertaining slasher thriller from director Lou Simon who creates a rather unique premise. The prank show “Scary Antics” makes its bread and butter off of committing some of the cruelest and mean spirited pranks on unsuspecting victims. When a group of people seek to prank the office outcast Jacob, things turn ugly. Jacob is an often disturbed and cold individual who is passionate about the urban legend of an abandoned asylum. When the prank goes in to motion, a misunderstanding prompts an unfortunate death. This death triggers something inside of Jacob, who loses his mind and dons the mask and suit of a psychotic hazmat worker. Armed with an axe, he begins wreaking havoc on the cast and crew of “Scary Antics.”

Things get even gorier when he figures out it was all one big prank on him. Director Lou Simon makes good use of the limited scenery, offering this abandoned hospital and storage house as a unique setting that becomes a horrifying chamber of death. Simon directs the film like a pro, providing some truly excellent moments of carnage, as well as building the hazmat killer in to this monstrously horrifying murderer who is relentless in his pursuit to murder every single person involved with the prank. The television crew watch from their safe barricaded room as the Hazmat killer roams the halls murdering the cast, and they must figure out how to escape this facility with their limbs in tact.

To make matters worse the halls are like a labyrinth, they’ll be lost within the catacombs before they even get to see daylight. Director Simon seems to be influenced a bit by “The Descent” as the story unfolds revealing circumstances that ensure no one in the group is ever being rescued, all the while the grasp of an exit always seems so close but so far. Especially with the hazmat killer seemingly one step ahead of everyone. Director Lou Simon’s “HazMat” is a fun and very gory hack and slash horror film that works around the low budget to deliver a genre entry slasher fanatics will lap up with a smile.