The Top Ten Sexiest Actresses Over 35: Part Two

The canvas of Hollywood is always changing. In a little over a year, many actresses come and go, some of them prove to be mainstays, while other disappear from the public consciousness. We still have a great appreciation for the older women, and the ten gorgeous women we’ve chosen for the sequel to our 2005 list have proven to be talented, class acts, and down right sexy from head toe. These are ten more talented actresses over 35 working in Hollywood that are incredibly sexy, and absolutely beautiful.

10. Sarah Chalke
Chalke originally began her career as “The other Becky” in “Roseanne” and fought her way out of being typecast as just another running joke. Earning her stripes as a genuinely funny comedic actress, and very talented performer, Chalke has taken her licks and built a prominent acting career. All the while, she’s managed to look absolutely stunning making people laugh with her unique beauty that can vary from girl next door to sex bomb whenever she wants.

Chalke raked in laughs in the NBC sitcom “Scrubs” as a young neurotic doctor, and then went on to guest star in various shows, and star in assorted critically acclaimed movies. In 2013, she returned to TV in the charming but short lived “How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life).” Chalke is a hard working actress, and is a classy stunner who always looks gorgeous on-screen.

kerry-washington9. Kerry Washington
Washington is a beautiful and often very dignified actress who has built a large career of supporting roles, and starring turns that have garnered huge acclaim. Washington has an understated beauty that has built her respect in the industry, and she’s never reduced herself to tabloid fodder. The born and raised New Yorker was most recently seen in the 2012 masterpiece “Django Unchained” as the multi-lingual slave Broomhilda, and has been very memorable in films like “Ray,” “Lakeview Terrace,” and “Miracle at St. Anna.” Washington is a refreshing talent in Hollywood who always shines where ever she lends her presence.


Rebecca+De+Mornay+Fv7fIYxIrmJm8. Rebecca DeMornay
Rebecca DeMornay has always been an amazingly gorgeous and sexy actress, who wowed American audiences with her breakout role as a prostitute in “Riskey Business.” She stayed relevant well in to the nineties, taking on challenging roles, and now in her fifties seems to only be getting even more gorgeous. Though she’s taken less roles these days, her presence in film has been a welcome treat. She was dazzling as the hippy mother in “Lords of Dogtown,” and mixed equal parts sexy, menacing, and matriarchal monstrous in the fantastic remake of the cult classic “Mother’s Day.” DeMornay has proven she can act with the best of them, and is still a beauty from head to toe.

laurie_holden7. Laurie Holden
Laurie Holden is one of Hollywood’s most prominent character actresses, who is always ready to get in to action for a role. She was seen as a renegade officer donning short locks in “Silent Hill,” and was a very desirable supermarket worker who pined after Tom Jane in “The Mist.” She is a favorite of director Frank Darabont who she is best friends with, and is constantly cast in most of his projects from “The Majestic” to 2010’s “The Walking Dead.”

The adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic book series, Holden was cast as character Andrea, who looks for a reason to continue when her sister is killed during a zombie siege in season one of the series. When Darabont was fired, Laurie stayed on as Andrea, in spite of protests from her and long time friend Jeffery DeMunn. Holden has a unique beauty and sex appeal that make her one of a kind. She has a platinum blond quality that can be adjusted to modern and period performances, and is sexy even when she isn’t trying to be.

Danielle-Harris6. Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris is one of the most beloved child actresses who crossed in to the horror genre, and hasn’t left the hearts of horror fans for a very long time. Though she’s been in various movies and TV shows like “Boy Meets World,” “Roseanne,” and “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead,” horror buffs know her as Laurie Strode’s long lost daughter Jamie Lloyd, the deeply disturbed niece of Michael Myers who battled with her uncle in the underrated “Halloween 4,” and the somewhat watchable “Halloween 5.”

Though Jamie was murdered in “Halloween 6” with a different actress at the role, Harris will always be Jamie, and went on to more horror work in films like “Urban Legend,” Rob Zombie’s version of “Halloween,” and took on the lead role in the gory slasher movie “Hatchet 2,” and “Hatchet 3.” Harris has been known as a sweet individual, and she continues to woo horror fans with her immense beauty, and breathtaking sex appeal that can range from girl next door, to bad girl. Did I mention she also played big sister Debbie in the fantastic Nickelodeon animated series “The Wild Thornberries”? The world loves you, Ms. Harris.

Maria-Bello-155. Maria Bello
Though, her film career post “ER” sputtered with films like “Coyote Ugly”–playing a hot bar maid no doubt, and “Duets,” Bello has slowly risen as one of the best actresses to make a name in Hollywood in years. Though, her popularity didn’t explode like Clooney’s, the most successful of the “ER” cast, she has managed to grow as someone who is so beautiful, and so talented, and formed a very critically acclaimed career in some of the best films in years. She may not be as commercially known as Clooney, but she has more talent than most women in Hollywood today.

Most recently, she could be seen as the domineering wife of Viggo Mortensen in “A History of Violence” a role that she took head on, most of the time wearing nothing and engaging in rather hot sex scenes with Viggo, and even had a full on nude scene. And that cheerleading outfit. My god. Whether starring as an alcohol spokeswoman in “Thank You for Smoking,” Nic Cage’s wife in “World Trade Center,” and as Patricia Olson in “Autofocus.” Maria Bello has dignity, immense beauty, and acting chops to boot. It’s hard to find someone like her these days.

lena_headey4. Lena Headey
Lena Headey is a humble and shy woman which often contradicts the startling beauty and sexuality she brings to most of her roles. Though she’s not a household name, she’s built a fantastic list of work in many popular films and television series. She co-starred in “300,” and starred in the fan favorite “Terminator” series “The Sarah Conner Chronicles” as the iconic Sarah Conner.

She went on to appear in films like “The Brothers Grimm,” the horror film “Laid to Rest,” and most recently took on a role as Cersei Lannister in the monstrous television series “Game of Thrones.” To add punch to her resume, she starred as the villain ma-ma in the fantastic “Dredd,” where she took a turn as the scarred ex-prostitute turned gang lord, who fought the futuristic officer Judge Dredd. The sexy and classy British actress is on the verge of forty and is still a goddess her fans follow loyally.

jessica-chastain-0a3. Jessica Chastain
Chastain, the dazzlingly gorgeous Red haired performer spent a few years in television roles before finally storming theaters in critically acclaimed role after critically acclaimed role. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, as well as shockingly humble, she’s an incredible actress who has taken on some of the most lauded roles in the last three years in films like “The Tree of Life,” the Oscar winner “The Help,” and in the critically acclaimed thriller “Zero Dark Thirty” directed by Kathryn Bigelow that earned Chastain an Oscar nomination.

Chastain has proven to be beauty with an irresistible charm who can adapt to almost any film role. To prove her worth, she donned dark locks as a sexy Goth rocker turned mother figure in the 2013 horror film “Mama” offering an excellent and underrated performance. Chastain has won over many movie-goers and has many years ahead of her to obtain iconic status.

Christina-Hendricks-92. Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks is still known by many fans as the insanely sexy thief and vixen “Saffron” from Joss Whedon’s short lived series “Firefly” and has spent many years performing on various television roles and in theater. She most recently garnered acclaim for her role in the hit television show “Madmen” where she brought true talent along with her dark red locks. Hendricks has taken the headlines over the years for breaking Hollywood conventions, embracing her busty and curvaceous frame as opposed to the stick thin actresses more prominent in the industry. Hendricks has remained confident in her body, thus making her even more a figure of affection from her large fan base. Hendricks is pure sex appeal with a body to boot.

thewarrenfiles-verafarmiga1. Vera Farmiga
What is there to say about Vera Farmiga, that you don’t already know? She’s a family woman, she’s very humble, she’s expressed that she has no aspirations to become a humongous star; and this is in spite of the fact that she’s very critically acclaimed, can actually pull in impressive performances and has been Oscar nominated, and… oh… there’s also the fact that she’s ridiculously sexy and beautiful. Vera Farmiga has a distinct beauty to her that is expressed mainly through her striking eyes that just give her this uncanny ability to draw attention no matter who she’s with on-screen.

Even in “Up in the Air,” she managed to hog the scenes mainly from George Clooney as a mysterious business woman who spends most of the film intriguing Clooney’s character with flights of romance and sexual meetings at hotels. Farmiga is currently playing Norma Bates, the mother of Norman Bates in the television show “Bates Motel.” As a character that’s supposed to be very desirable and sexy to the point where even her son found her alluring, Farmiga not only aces the role, but really adds something to the “Psycho” mythos. Not just because Farmiga is a wonderful actress, but she is just so incredibly sexy, it’s painful.