Full Moon Streaming [Web Service]


Full Moon Entertainment get in to the Netflix on Demand business by building an online library of Full Moon films, and Charles Band headed films. The service is now in its infancy, and will be available to all subscribers who want nothing but Full Moon and Charles Band on their computer. Right now most of their library is comprised of rare and out of print films that Full Moon buffs might appreciate. I took in about a half hour of “Shrunken Heads” and also watched a little of “Puppet Master 5.” The viewing quality is quite good, as you’re able to vary in your picture quality from low-res right up to High Definition. Much like NetFlix, you’re able to scroll sideways through a gallery of Full Moon, and Empire pictures, with titles going as far back as “Castle Freak” to recent horror fare like “Reel Evil.”

For Full Moon fans, Full Moon Streaming offers up exclusives only subscribers can catch. For example, you can watch the short “The Evil Clergyman,” and you can also watch the half hour lost sequel to “Trancers” that is only available on Full Moon Streaming until its premiere date in November. Full Moon really hits on their more famous and unique titles, many of which include “Arcade,” “Oblivion,” “Lurking Fear,” and “Dollman,” to name a few. And of course, who can forget the “Puppet Master” movies? Right now there’s only about thirty fives movies available in the library, with a “coming soon” reel below promising many more titles in the realm of the obscure that haven’t been on DVD or Blu-Ray at all. Titles like “Shrieker” and “Oblivion 2” are being promised. I’d also love to see films like “Spellcaster” or the complete Josh Kirby film series to pop up, at some point.

Full Moon should definitely dig deep for their loyal subscribers and really pull out a humongous gallery of films not just from Full Moon, but from Charles Band’s various companies, and as many films Band has been associated with, as possible. There are many loyal Full Moon fans, and I’m certain many fans will pay to be able to access many Full Moon titles that aren’t even on DVD, and haven’t been in print in years. A diverse library of rarities would make this niche service something cult movie buffs can really rally behind. Among the options in the main menus, are a gallery of merchandise you can purchase, as well as offers to buy the titles on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Customers also get first dibs on contests and giveaways. Full Moon founder Charles Band offers a few vidcasts for subscribers to watch and enjoy. There are also some bells and whistles like gag reels and special looks behind the scenes of various titles, and the patented “Video Zone” featurettes that were, once upon a time, at the end of every Full Moon VHS production. Ah, nostalgia. You can also ogle the “Hot Chick of the Week,” which is an actress from a Full Moon title the site spotlights. The “Grindhouse Collection” is where the gold is, as there’s a plethora of titles that are notably rare, and many fans will get a kick out of watching.

There are films like “Necropolis,” “Fraulein Devil,” “Thor the Conqueror,” and “SS HellCamp” for the taking. The icing on the cake is the availability of the Russ Meyer masterpiece “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!” up for viewing in the library! At its introduction, “Full Moon Streaming” has a huge library of great Full Moon Films, and excellent Grindhouse and exploitation films that are there at your finger tips. I am stunned at how great the Grindhouse collection is, honestly. Full Moon Streaming is now online and available for consumption by their fans, and is well worth the money, if only for the Grindhouse section.

Like Charles Band says in the recent video, the hard copy format is dying, so Full Moon is adjusting by offering the service for fans, which will help them fuel future films. I think it’s well worth the investment.

For curious parties, here is the pricing:

1 Month Subscription – $6.99
3 Month Subscription – $18.00
6 Month Subscription – $35.00
12 Month Subscription – $65.00

Be sure to subscribe now!