Jason X Special [Avatar Press]

When Uber-Jason crash landed in to Earth in the end of “Jason X,” it turned out to be another virtual reality. In an effort to grab a part of his regenerative tissue to learn about his healing properties, a young scientist is able to snare and trap him. Since that doesn’t last long, things get worse when Uber-Jason’s psyche re-invents the memories of his mother as a computer system who begins controlling Jason’s thoughts and commands.

Of course, the scientist fails to trap Jason, especially when her boyfriend re-emerges possessed by Jason’s mother, and Jason is launched in to a rocket to a party ship, where naked young people are running around having a good time. Uber-Jason arrives to end their fun and debauchery with a lot of grue and gore that you’d never see in any of the original movies. Especially “Jason X” which was tame compared to the previous “Friday the 13th” installments. I’m still not sure why Jason is suddenly a science fiction based character. Surely, he could take a beating and endure punishment, but he’d get more and more rotten over the course of the movies. So even if scientists were able to implement his tissue to ensure healing, wouldn’t the individual with the tissue only heal but still look damaged by whatever injuries they garnered?

It just doesn’t make sense to me. The “Jason X” special is a direct follow-up to the film. In case you were wondering where Jason landed in the end of the movie, the comic fills us in and continues the same beats as the former film. Virtual reality aplenty, robots aplenty, and people are still partying numbskulls, even in the future. While I did enjoy “Jason X,” this follow up comic doesn’t offer a more interesting look at this future. If Jason is capable of healing wouldn’t it be some for of supernatural ability? And Jason is technically dead, so how do you use that ability with live tissue? This is a preamble to a newest story arc involving Jason that just keeps getting more baffling and dizzying in scope.