American Horror Stories – 12 Movie Set (DVD)


From Mill Creek Entertainment comes a twelve movie pack of some of the most interesting titles out there for purchase. Every year, there’s a new set with these movies, but as I always say: These packs are good for horror fans starting a collection and looking to get more for their bucks. “Don’t Answer the Phone” is the 1980 thriller about a Vietnam veteran taunting a radio show host as he describes his violent experiences with women and begins stalking her.

“Point of Terror” is the 1971 about a man who gets entwined in a world of murder and deceit when his wife becomes involved with a record producer. “House on Haunted Hill” is the classic William Castle horror film about a man and his wife who invite a group of people to a house party where mysterious attacks begin to happen. “A Bucket of Blood” is the Roger Corman classic about a bunch of hippies that begin to lose their minds. “Horror Express” is the Hammer classic starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing about an anthropologist that discovers a frozen body aboard a train that spirals in to a fight for survival against a monster. “The Little Shop of Horrors” is the Roger Corman classic about a florist at the mercy of a living plant that feeds on human remains.

“Nightmare Castle” stars Barbara Steele as a cheating wife whose husband inflicts revenge on her by torturing her. “Silent Night, Bloody Night” is the John Carradine vehicle about a gang of maniacs who overtake an asylum for revenge on their past torment. “Bloody Pit of Horror” centers on a group of centerfold models who inhabit an abandoned castle, and realize they’re not alone and are being terrorized. “The Driller Killer” is the Abel Ferrerra Grindhouse classic about a demented artist who murders locals with a drill to the head. “Don’t Look in the Basement” is the creepy thriller about a woman entrenched in a sanitarium where the patients are wreaking havoc. Finally, “Drive In Massacre” centers on a murder mystery at a drive in where two detectives begin investigating who committed the crimes.

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