Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey [Paperback]


The mission statement from the Bleeding Skull website is to review only horror and trash films from the 80’s, and they’d be mostly films you never heard of, before. After compiling hundreds of reviews based on films from the 1980’s that almost no one would ever bother with, “Bleeding Skull” finally releases a compilation of some of their best written reviews of pure eighties junk.

Though the reviews featured in the book are from their database, the reviews aren’t all glossy and positive looks at horror outings from the decade. The authors Joseph A. Ziemba & Dan Budnik make it clear that this is mainly a no frills review book. Anything about the history of the film’s productions or how they were made are not to be found. That’s likely because most of the movies featured in the book likely have production anecdotes best summed up by a coke binge and some friends with a borrowed camcorder. The curators of the “Bleeding Skull” website promise honest and upfront reviews about eighties trash and they more than deliver for their fans.

You definitely won’t find reviews of any of the “Friday the 13th” films, but you can definitely find “Rocktober Blood,” “Black Devil Doll from Hell,”: and rare reviews of videos from old horror magazines. There are also plenty of reviews for Shot on Video horror tripe that varies in quality from terrible to unwatchable. The reviews are often very funny and pull no punches when discussing production quality, or lack thereof. Despite the lack of in depth coverage you’ll typically find in other review compilations, “Bleeding Skull!” really spotlights some of the most unusual and obscure eighties horror films of all time with a sharp sense of humor, and some excellent photos to accompany the reviews. This is a must have for horror fans interested in finding gems you won’t typically learn about in other film circles.

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