State of the Union (2015)

I’m not quite sure what creator/director Bruce Branit is planning, but “State of the Union” is definitely a taste of a narrative that I definitely want to see more of. Considered an amuse-bouche by director Branit, “State of the Union” garners a ton of foreshadowing, hints at larger plot elements, and introductions of characters that may or may not appear in the planned feature length film.

“State of the Union” works well as a stand alone short film for folks that are satisfied with the tale we see. But for folks interested, this also works as a prologue to a larger tale that I imagine will be quite exciting. Taking place during an alien invasion, a group of soldiers are anxiously trying to take the president to safety as the world around them crumbles beneath fire of alien invaders. Much of “State of the Union” really works in favor of Branit, whose direction paired with the amazing special effects sets the stages for a wonderful storyline.

As the president records his final state of the union to the American people at the mercy of alien invaders, a group of young people in Denver watch the video, dismissing it as a viral scam, and are horrified to discover how wrong they all are. The aliens have some incredible weapons including toxic smoke, lasers, and the like, and I’d love to see how someone can match their armory, and who specifically the president was recording his final video for. I am quite interested in where director Bruce Branit, and his intent on whetting the appetites of his target audience works one hundred percent. I can’t wait to see where he takes this concept.