Our Top Five “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Big Bads


March 10th marked the seventeenth anniversary of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” the cult television series that continues living on through a humongous and devoted fan base that proudly celebrate the series to this day. To mark the occasion, we, also fans of the series, decided to write down five of our favorite “Buffy” villains, and how much they rattled Buffy.

What are some of your favorite Buffy Villains?

5. Faith Lehane
“Faith. Her name alone invokes awe. “Faith.” A set of principles or beliefs upon which you’re willing to devote your life. The Dark Slayer. A lethal combination of beauty, power, and death.” Faith really managed to affect Buffy not just because Buffy found a soul mate that happened to turn on her, but because she tried her best to lure Angel to her side of the fight. Buffy had finally met someone she could connect with who knew what the sheer endurance test being a slayer was, and Faith chose to betray that trust, resulting in a rivalry that continued even when Faith decided to team with Buffy to take down the First. Faith is sexy, but deadly.

4. The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen were mysterious, powerful, and oh so horrifying. They’re really the only villain in the series that gives us shivers up our spine to this day. With amazing make up and top notch performances from the actors, the Gentlemen devise a plan to take the voice of everyone in Sunnydale, thus allowing them to roam around and take out the hearts of victims without hearing the shrill cries that would kill them. Who knows what could have happened if they garnered enough hearts, but suffice it to say Buffy’s wails really halted their plans forever.

3. Caleb
Beyond the Ubervamp, The First implemented probably its worst threat to the Scoobies in the form of a psychotic, masterful, thug wearing the cloak named Caleb. Southern drawl and all, he manages to garner the attention of Buffy and her group by murdering potential slayers, beating up Buffy, and murdering half of the army set to take down the First single handedly, which causes the rift, and sends Buffy in to a downward spiral of doubt and confusion. Caleb is a vicious monster, and he dies about as memorably as he enters the series.

2. Spike
Thankfully Spike came along when the series was just an endless string of episodes with baddies of the week, and gave evil an edge. This was after the Master left behind that goofy little kid in the wake of his death. In either case, Spike and his girlfriend Drusilla really gave Buffy hell and proved to be a force to be reckoned with from the moment they stepped on to the scene. They became even more powerful when they managed to wrangle in Angel, or as they knew him…

1. Angelus
Angel is the accidental villain of Buffy and the group who managed to gain their trust and proved to be easily the worst villain the group has ever had. His impact was felt well in to the end of the show right in to the spin off comic books, and he was never quite the same after he became Angelus. After a night spent with Buffy, Angel’s complete happiness takes away his soul allowing him to become pure evil once again, the monstrous Angelus. Murdering people left and right, destroying one of the only loves Giles ever had, and emotionally destroying the entire group with a proud smile on his face. Angelus’ carnage begins with a bang and never ceases, as he enjoys taunting the group before making his move on murdering Buffy in cold blood, which he thankfully never accomplishes. Buffy’s forceful murdering of him did however change the group forever. Angelus appeared once again in “Angel” and once again proved too vicious for his own pack of warriors, including a returning Faith.