Virtual Encounters (1996)


 It’s Skinemax time and “Virtual Encounters” is the movie for anyone interested in delightful mediocre mid-nineties porn. As a movie it’s a pretty crummy and boring attempt to add fantasy elements to a genre already built around fantasies. Part of the Surrender Cinema division from Full Moon, “Virtual Encounters” is pseudo-science fiction that basically just features a slew of mildly erotic sex scenes that have no real context to them. They’re just there to get about as much mileage out of the movie before it ends.

Amy is celebrating her birthday and most interested in giving her boyfriend the good loving that he’s been asking for. He instead leaves town and gives Amy a chance at his computer to help remove any and all of her inhibitions, which will likely make her a better lover. Shockingly not offended by this, she discovers a sentient virtual reality machine that allows her to live out every fantasy she can possibly come across, and decide if she wants it or not. The computer meanwhile, communicates with Amy, and feeds her appetite for sexual delights, with surprisingly conventional sexual scenarios.

Sometimes she fantasizes of a threesome, sometimes girl on girl, sometimes voyeurism. In one scenario she’s a cop, in another she’s–wearing sunglasses (?), and suddenly she’s in a bondage and leather fantasy she takes great thrill out of. Who wouldn’t? “Virtual Encounters” barely has a narrative, but I did find it interesting that the computer is so uncreative, that it concocts these pretty vanilla sexual scenarios for her. Amy on the other hand really works way too hard to please her husband. Rather than being happy with this hot woman, he only really sleeps with her once she’s had her sex time with his virtual sexuality computer. Some guys are just never satisfied.