Marvel Knights: Wolverine Weapon X (DVD)

A sentient organization is sent in to the past to assassinate future heroes and revolutionaries through robotic drones, you say? No, it’s not “Terminator,” it’s actually “Tomorrow Dies Today,” save for minor tweaks here and there. “Tomorrow Dies Today” is based on the Weapon X comic series issues 11-16, where the new Deathlok is introduced in the form of a hive minded group of robotic zombie assassins, tasked with violently murdering everything from young couples, to newborn babies.

After Steve Rogers returns from the dead, he and Logan go out for a drink or two, crashing in to other Marvel heroes including Nightcrawler, who watches Logan like a doting parent. After a bar scuffle, Logan is confronted by a psychic mutant who warns Logan that the Deathlok assassin is coming for him and a lot of his other friends. Killing him and others off early, will prevent a humongous war from starting. This includes an old Wolverine who is comically without hands, and Spider-Man. Ron Garney’s art style works well for the motion comics format with Deathlok especially coming off as gruesome and grotesque.

The idea behind the corporation that begins building the Deathloks, and how they find the candidates is disturbing to say the least, but sets up the conundrum for a certain Deathlok unit. When he begins murdering targets, he suddenly begins forming another consciousness, that of the former owner of the body. This interferes with his programming, allowing him to cease his operations and look for a higher existence. He wants to do good, but his consciousness is that of a crazed serial killer. That said, “Tomorrow Dies Today” is exactly like watching a Terminator film, except once again Wolverine is the key to everything.

Wolverine and Captain America, but really Wolverine is the one who leads the charge against the Deathloks. There’s also Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man, but they don’t get much play here. “Tomorrow Dies Today” is a bold new take on Deathlok, a character I always enjoyed, but garnered little to no respect. “Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today,” however is derivative and incredibly violent, but will definitely appeal to the Wolverine fan boys, anxious to see him rip in to robotic zombies left and right.

The DVD from Shout! Factory features a Bonus interview/Making Of with artist Ron Garney, who explains his role in “Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today” and how it progressed from the comic book in to the motion comic book.