Go Go Mania (1965)


It all started with the Beatles. From there it was a slew of really interesting British Invasion groups, and singers, many of whom ranged from absolutely abysmal, to quite unique. It’s a shame many of these bands never quite garnered the legacy that the Beatles did, but “Go Go Mania!” has value, if anything, in showing how many bands climbed out of the woodwork to claim their own fame once the Beatles stormed America.

Mainly just a compilation of over produced performances than an actual film, “Go Go Mania!” markets on the fame of the Beatles, by using the film as a platform to promote other bands of their ilk. It’s also one of the many films that would jump on the fame “A Hard Day’s Night” wrought as a look behind stardom. “Go Go Mania!” is hosted by Jimmy Savile, who spends much of the film boasting about the bands that are just as exciting and dynamic as the Beatles. And we’re supposed to agree with him, since the film opens with the Beatles performing “She Loves You” live, which then jumps in to the parade of British invasion groups that generally lip synch to songs of varying degrees of quality.

There is a hand full of solid performances, including the Animals, as led by the amazing Eric Bourdon. They perform “House of the Rising Sun,” and the great “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” There’s also Peter and Gordon singing “A World without Love,” and Herman’s Hermit’s who sing “I’m Into Something Good.” You kind of have to enjoy host Savile’s declaration that they’ll be around “forever.” The entertainment value of “Go Go Mania!” depends on your interest in British Invasion groups and their fluffy soulful music. Surely enough, while the film itself is just a glorified Press Kit, it’s still a worthwhile musical gem for folks that love the sixties and the slew of groups that attempted to stand beside the Beatles in pop rock royalty.