Sexy Rangers (2011)


The original title for the film is “Big Boob Squad: Sexy Rangers.” Because based on the film, there’s something called Pai Energy that’s emitted from women’s “big bountiful breasts.” This somehow is the source of the power for the Sexy Rangers and their mission to fight crime and save—big boobs? I’m not sure, as I was distracted by the jiggling and colorful outfits. It’s clear that “Sexy Rangers” is a spoof of “Super Sentai,” and I was surprised to see how much fun this movie was. Even without the big boobs, it has its charms. The “Boob Squad” even has a robot sidekick named Pai 02 that has two huge eyes that resemble breasts. Somewhere Fred Olen Ray is watching from the sidelines with a proud smile a la Mr. Miyagi.

Momiji is a buxom and incredibly popular bikini model who meets equally buxom and gorgeous Rika at a magazine signing. Momiji is secretly the leader of the Sexy Rangers, a powerful group of busty women that save the world from the evil Muscle King. He is intent on kidnapping one of the girls in hopes of using Pai Energy against the group. When aspiring model Rika is discovered to have high Pai Energy, she’s taken hostage and the Sexy Rangers must save her. Or else look like big boobs. “Sexy Rangers” is pure Z grade exploitation, and again, really entertaining. And for the folks worried that their low attention spans will break, the film barely clocks in at over an hour in length. When the film focuses on the winks and nods to Super Sentai, the flaws are apparent.

Especially with the fight choreography, and stunt work. Not only do the punches and kicks barely land, but the actresses can barely balance themselves on their high heels during the action. Who fights in high heels? To make things odder, the group seems to operate in what looks like an abandoned bomb shelter with concrete walls. When the Rangers transform and defeat the winged unicorn Uni Kong, the Muscle King sends out a camera faced Monster to find the identities of the Sexy Rangers with a computer operated sensor. They’d already seen the girls in civilian garb, so why they didn’t just follow them home and kidnap them then is beyond me, but I’m still not sure if Pai Energy can also be honed by man breasts.

I’m just covering my bases. In either case, Pai Energy, as explained by Pai 02 is found in all women. The bigger the breasts are, the more Pai Energy they have, so basically any woman can become a Sexy Ranger. I assume. The Sexy Rangers have high Pai Energy which makes them special (aside from being incredibly hot), thus they’re capable of fighting evil. Oh, and the girls can replenish Pai Energy by dressing in bikinis, and going to the beach. That said, director Shinji Nishikawa knows exactly what he’s doing, zeroing in on the cleavage almost non-stop and looking for any excuse to feature the cast scantily clad or in a compromising position. Since the production quality stinks and the humor flat, I can only recommend “Sexy Rangers” on the bases of morbid curiosity.