The Eidolon State (2014)


There are endless internet memes and faux urban legends out there, but the one that tends to spook me most is the Slender Man. It’s been established long ago it was all made up for a contest, but it’s managed to achieve fame simply because the character is so menacing. Maybe it’s the blank face, the enigmatic origins, or the tweed suit. Who knows? “The Eidolon State” is one of the many indie films tapping in to the fanbase, and directors Dion Cavallaro and Paul Thomas know how to build a very atmospheric horror film.

Director Thomas plays the role of Josh, a young man who had a very close call with the Slender Man as a child. Escaping his lure, the Slender Man has never allow Josh a moment’s peace, stalking him, and watching him at every turn. Josh finds himself stuck in a perpetual state of dreaming, shifting between reality and delusion that he learns is called the Eidolon State. It’s a form of psychological torment the Slender Man uses for his victims. The directing team knows how to play off of the fear of the unknown, dwelling on the inevitable as we see just how long Josh can evade the Slender Man.

The directors don’t flash the Slender Man all over the film, but use him sparingly as a very omnipotent force that isn’t so much a hunter stalking prey, but a cat preying on a weak mouse. Josh’s battle with the mental torture is spooky, and the directors build very respectable tension and suspense, along with an excellent score that turns “The Eidolon State” in to a thirty minute nightmare. Directors Dion Cavallaro and Paul Thomas seems to know what makes the Slender Man so frightening, and they keep his character a very ominous demon, turning the screws every minute for character Josh. “The Eidolon State” is a great short horror film, especially for Slender Man fans, and I can’t wait to see what this team accomplishes in the future.