Leprechaun 2 (1994)


So apparently, not only does the leprechaun value his gold beyond all else, but he also requires a bride, too. His convoluted rules are that if the bride sneezes three times and no one but the leprechaun blesses her, he can marry her and she’s eternally bound to the knee high monster. The sequel to “Leprechaun” opens in ancient Ireland, where the leprechaun agrees to free his man servant, once he chooses his bride. Unaware the bride is the servant’s gorgeous daughter the servant outwits the leprechaun, causing him to look elsewhere for his bride. Which takes a thousand years on St. Patrick’s Day, for some reason.

Is there a rule that the leprechaun can only look for a new bride every thousand years or so? Why is that a rule? Is this the same leprechaun from the first movie, or a whole other leprechaun? Did this movie take place before the first film? How did the leprechaun go from the basement of a farm to a cave in the Hollywood Hills? Is the four leaf clover still its main weakness? Just the leprechaun’s luck, when he emerges in 1994, to find the descendant of his old man servant, she’s a gorgeous young blond named Bridget, who the leprechaun is most interested in pursuing. You have to wonder how he’d have reacted if she were morbidly obese, but I guess leprechauns are just that lucky. Shavonne Durkin gives an awful performance as the busty Bridget, who does nothing but whine, moan, and tease the males in the movie, all the while every character are either lecherous criminals, or morons.

Her boyfriend Cody is reliant on scamming tourists with a goofy haunted Hollywood ride, and finds that he’s all but run out of good will from Bridget. Just then the leprechaun emerges from an ancient tree, and decides to look for his new bride to help celebrate his birthday festivities, which also lands on St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know dwarves of all colors and kinds come out on St. Patrick’s Day and hang out in groups during this holiday? Apparently they hide in crevices of houses when the holiday is over. Bridget is obviously the target of Leprechaun’s affection, despite her petulance and often obnoxious personality, and Leprechaun does whatever he can to win her over, while murdering anyone who annoys him. Leprechaun is a very temperamental monster, as he murders literally anyone that dares to mock or irritate him.

This time, he’s not so focused on the gold as he was in the first film, though it does come up every so often. There’s even a goofy moment involving the gold being born in to someone’s stomach. “Leprechaun 2” takes the typical route of its villain looking for a bride, and breaks many of its established rules. As is the case with all of the “Leprechaun” movies, this sequel isn’t so much scary as it is ridiculous and absolutely silly. No matter how powerful the Leprechaun is with his magic, it’s tough to take him seriously. The sequel fails to make the leprechaun a valid monster in his second outing, and fares no better in the later films. There’s some absurd comedy to be mined here, but as a horror entry, it’s abysmal.