We’re Goners It’s Fine Relax (2014)


Director Samuel B. Ruseell’s short dramedy about trying to fight the rising tide of nature is fantastic. Not just because it plays up its low budget with a purposely low tech aesthetic involving miniature props, and blatant green screen but because of its message.

Star Gwyneth Brinkley is charming as Gish, a young woman who’s received terrible news about her best friend, the mayor. She wants to go out with a bang, throwing a dance party, but a volcano is also about to erupt destroying the town of Zeno. To stop the disaster, Gish travels to the volcano to talk it out of erupting.

“We’re Gones It’s Fine Relas” looks like a whimsical film for the sake of whimsy in the beginning, but my interpretation is that the entire scenario is in the mind of a young girl whose loved one has just received horrible news. Sometimes you just can’t fight the inevitability of our mortality, and it’s best to appreciate what you have while it’s here. Both heartbreaking and charming, “We’re Goners It’s Fine Relax” is a special short film with a ton of substance and even more creativity.