Snow Honeys (1983) (DVD)


“Snow Honeys” is less a snow bound bit of stag porn and more a lot of short vignettes set to the frame work of Kara Lott and Ken Starbuck introducing various segments. They’re not all consistent with the opening narration of the couple at a ski lounge, but it’s fun to watch the pair struggle through their introductions. Whether it’s the cold or the exhaustion, their first segment introduction is poorly edited together and seems to have been accomplished with multiple, perhaps dozens, of takes.

The cast includes Seka, Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty, Vanessa Del Rio, Kandi Barbour (who plays one of the hottest Lois Lanes I’ve ever seen), Desiree Cousteau with Kevin Gibson, Mike Eyke, David Blair, and John Leslie altogether, with the hosts occasionally getting in on the fun. Kara Lott is gorgeous and there’s a fun girl on girl segment mid-way that I quite enjoyed.

The Super Rod segment with the porn version of Superman derived a chuckle here and there, but the centerpiece is the all star orgy set to the tune of the William Tell Overture. “Snow Honeys” is a mediocre but occasionally above average bit of vintage porno that’s worth experimenting with, if only for the hilarious Superman spoof. The DVD has no extras save for a reversible slip cover. The movie is divided in to chapters, but that’s barely any kind of bell or whistle in the end. There’s not even a pop shot gallery.