“Drained World” Pilot


The apocalypse is the big order for the day, and there’s no sign of entertainment in that sub-genre dying down any time soon. Even Web Series are approaching the sub-genre, and the newest is “Drained World.” Normally I’m rough on web series and demand unique content, and “Drained World” seems to fit my needs so far. The twelve minute pilot is filled with a lot of questions and some healthy ambiguity that I hope gets settled with more episodes in the future.

I love the idea that’s presented, and I really want to see our hero strive to survive in a world filled with bandits, nomads, and warriors. Directed and starring Fabien Garcia, “Drained World” is set in 2080, many years after the third world war which nearly ended the human race. Those that have survived life in continuous turmoil and danger with thieves and murderers running rampant; meanwhile food and water have become a luxury. Garcia plays a man who lives by water and garners an unusual blood disease that he must keep in check, or else. He’s tracked by a mysterious woman with a bow and arrow who watches him and experiences his abilities to survive first hand.

When he’s confronted by a group of thieves in the woods, he snaps in to action to protect his only resources. The choreography from Fabien Garcia is amazing with fantastic martial arts throwdowns that pepper the majority of the pilot episode. There are tons of unique and excellent martial arts sequences, all punctuated by the sharp and slick editing that tie it all together. I really want to know more about the blood disease and what importance it serves to the characters lives. Is it some form of radiation poisoning? Is it a zombie virus they’re keeping at bay with some kind of serum?

I’d also love to learn more about our hero and whether or not he is a hero at all, or just some average survivor forced in to fantastic situations. Thankfully the questions left after the end of the first episode don’t bog down an otherwise interesting premise teeming with potential. The final shot suggests epic action and character drama afoot, and I’d love to see more from this universe. “Drained World” could very well be the apocalyptic web series I’ve been looking for. It has a great team behind it, and a keen eye for action and suspense. You can find it online and help support the team in producing more episodes. If you’re an apocalypse buff like I am, you may just find “Drained World” to be right up your alley.

Website: http://www.drainedworld.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrainedWorld
YouTube: https://goo.gl/78kdhr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrainedWorld