Waterborne (2014)


This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but a zombie kangaroo. Ryan Coonan’s short horror film is the prologue of a bonafide zombie apocalypse (and feature film currently in development), all thanks to a contaminated water hole in the outback. Set in Australia, a local park ranger proceeds to take samples from a water hole, despite the resistance of a local who insists that he’s creating an unnecessary hysteria with his testing.

The ranger persists though by hanging a warning sign, and makes the mistake of going to the water hole at night. While there, he proceeds to be attacked by a rampaging relentless kangaroo that’s been zombified by the tainted water! Don’t you hate when that happens? “Waterborne” garners a great mix of CGI and traditional effects with the zombie kangaroo playing a real hand as the film’s primary villain, who is also the beginning of something really horrible about to happen in the continent.

Coonan’s direction, matched with slick editing make the kangaroo a very entertaining hybrid of effects as it relentlessly tries to chomp down on the park ranger. As I guessed, “Waterborne” is a prologue to a bigger story afoot, and I hope we get to see it somewhere down the line. The prospect of zombie kangaroos running a rampage alongside human zombies really does put a grin on my face. Plus, if the effects are half as good for the feature film version as it was in this short, I think we’re in good hands with Coonan.