5 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to the Return of MST3K


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty psyched to see “Mystery Science Theater 3000” coming back. With the help of Kickstarter, fans have made their presence felt, by helping to fund a few episodes of the reboot of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Original creator Joel Hodgson plans to change some elements, while also keeping many concepts the exact same for devotees. Hopefully with this new series, it’ll launch a brand new series fans can enjoy, while also converting a new generation of fans that can carry the torch of MST3K for many more years to come.

This is five reasons why we’re looking forward to the return of MST3K.

5. This is not a money grab—well not completely, anyway
Let’s face it, years after MST3K was cancelled, the show continues to be a cherished gem among its loyal fan base. When Shout! Factory bought it, the DVD editions have been humongous money makers, and it was only a matter of time until Joel Hodgson decided to bring the show back. Shout! has been testing the waters for years, with DVD editions, then bringing back the Turkey Day Marathons for online fans, and then creating a channel for the show on their studio youtube page with official content. Now that the signs are good, it only makes sense to bring back the show. Hodgson has gone on record as saying he never wanted to end the show, but Sci fi Channel (now Syfy) pretty much forced them to end the series. Now it’s time for the show to make a big comeback, especially now that the series has garnered its own slew of imitators online.

4. Patton Oswalt is Coming!

3. Jonah Ray is the new Host
I don’t know much about Jonah Ray, admittedly. All I know is, he gets points for being from Nerdist, and that he was very funny on “The Nerdist” TV show at BBC America. Friends with geek extraordinaire Chris Hardwicke, Ray was always one of the funnier elements of the series, taking part in funny interviews and hilarious skits. I’m glad we’re bringing in a new host like Ray to take over. Let’s be honest, if we suddenly saw Mike on the Satellite of Love after it was shown he made it back to Earth, it’d be pretty cheap. Although, Hodgson hasn’t ruled out cameos from the original cast, either, this will likely please hardcore fans of the original casts.

2. Felicia Day is the new Mad
Who better than to play the new Mad than Felicia Day? She’s a bona fide geek goddess who’s more than displayed her knowledge and passion for pop culture for years. From “The Guild,” and “Buffy,” to “Dr. Horrible,” right to her new best selling novel, and her participation in Geek and Sundry, Day has acting ability, she’s funny, and she’ll be a worthy adversary for the Satellite of Love. Her character will be related to Pearl and Clayton Forrester, carrying on their tradition of turning our hosts mad by making them watch cheesy movies, the worst she can find.

1. Tom Servo and Crow are Back
Why mess with perfection? There are no new robots planned for the reboot, at least not that I know of. Tom Servo and Crow are thankfully coming back and will be riffing on bad movies once more with new host Jonah Ray. There’s just something so perfect about Tom Servo and Crow that it’s impossible to top them, no matter who designed new bots, and who voices them. Tom Servo and Crow are the heart of the Satellite of Love, and Joel Hodgson doesn’t even try to attempt to reboot the entire cast of the series; Nor should he. There are also some reports Gypsy and the Cambots may also return, but we’ll see. That said, classic duo Tom Servo and Crooooooow! are back, and I couldn’t be happier.