Our Top 10 Minority Movie Heroes Part II


I had a good time compiling a list of some of the best and most entertaining minority movie heroes, so I thought it’d only be fitting to offer up a sequel to the list with ten more movie minority movie heroes. I had a lot more suggestions this time thanks to the help of some friends, but narrowed them all down to these ten interesting and magnetic heroes of film. Did I miss any characters that you feel should have been included? Let us know!

Big Hero 6 – Big Hero 6
Not just one of the most underrated Disney animated films of the last ten years, but one of the most entertaining, “Big Hero 6” features a group of ragtag and diverse teens that team up to become a superhero team. If that’s not enough these teens are science prodigies that use their brains and wits to fight crime when a pure evil threatens their city. “Big Hero 6” doesn’t feature a diverse group of heroes for the hell of a wider audience. The movie really depicts complex and heroic individuals, all of whom decide to use their science skills to help humanity and become guardians. They’re a dynamic and wonderful team headlining a rather excellent film.


Finn – Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Finn has a lot of balls for a character introduced in one movie. He is originally programmed to be a killer as a storm trooper and manages to find an identity when he chooses not to be a killer, and find some other purpose for his life that doesn’t involve snuffing out innocent lives. When he’s given the name of Finn, he works toward heroism as best as he can, aiding heroine Rey, fighting alongside Han Solo, and even standing up against Kylo Ren with a light saber. I can’t wait to see how he’s further developed in the sequels. So far he’s a damn good hero.


Sam “The Falcon” Wilson – Marvel Cinematic Universe
Would Captain America have been able to pull off the plot to prove his innocence in “Winter Soldier” without the help of Sam Wilson? Who knows? Wilson is a friend to Captain America who can relate to his past with the war and losing a lot of friends during battle. When Captain America is set up to take a fall by Hydra, Wilson takes him in, becomes his ally, and uses his weaponry to help his friend battle the evil organization and prove his heroism once more. He takes on impossible odds, and manages to become an avenger in “Age of Ultron.” He also has a fun cameo in “Ant-Man.”


Sergeant Roger Murtaugh – The Lethal Weapon Series
Murtaugh is a man who has seen a lot of action in his life, and has to rein in another officer with a death wish. Murtaugh takes a liking to Martin Riggs mainly for his penchant for taking on law breakers, and manages to save his life and provide him with a reason to keep going when Riggs is prepared to commit suicide. Murtaugh isn’t just Riggs’ friend, but he’s also the template for what Riggs can become, showing that life can be fulfilling, even when it’s vicious and unforgiving.


Lucius Fox – The Dark Knight Trilogy
Where would Bruce Wayne even be without Lucius Fox’s wizardry and genius for technology? Though Fox doesn’t snap in to action to fight crime, Fox is very much a moral center and shoulder to lean on for Bruce Wayne who uses Lucius’ technology and military equipment to build the persona of the Dark Knight. Fox is a consistently trustworthy character throughout the trilogy who argues against Bruce abusing technology to find the Joker, and even craftily covers for his boss when he’s nearly exposed by a Wayne Enterprise executive. Fox is a crafty and resilient sidekick to Wayne until the very end and a worthwhile hero who literally creates Batman from scratch.


Frank Armitage – They Live
For Nada, getting an ally in his fight against the alien menace that’s consumed Earth is everything. Thus he has to literally beat Frank up to get him to open his eyes to the cold hard truth about humanity and civilization. Frank is no push over as an everyday working man who literally beats the hell out of hero Nada when they brawl in an alleyway. Only by surprising him can Nada make Frank see the truth, and from that point on he becomes a prime hero fighting to save the world alongside his other average Joe. How fitting it takes a blue collar minimum wager to bring down an elite force working to program humanity in to becoming sheep.


Mace Windu – Star Wars Episode I-III, The Clone Wars
I personally love Mace Windu, mainly for the fact that he died a hero and as one of the first victims of the rise of the Empire. Windu had bad feelings about Anakin Skywalker, and tried his best to appeal to Skywalker’s humanity. He is one of the only jedi who takes down Jango Fett, and confronts Palpatine even in his purest evil form. He may very well have been able to end Palpatine’s reign and prevent the massacre that led to the rise of the Empire if not for Anakin Skywalker’s betrayal. But he’ll always be the jedi who stood over Palpatine watching him beg for mercy.


Moses – Attack the Block
Moses originally begins his story as an aspiring criminal in his neighborhood and garners a big lesson in how your actions can have grave consequences. After he and his group discover an alien and kill it out of fright, they’re faced with a massive alien invasion of feral dog like monsters that want the corpse of their baby back. Moses stages a heroic retaliation against the aliens and in the end manages to thwart the invasion, while also owning up to his mistakes and realizing his role as a hero. Moses is easily the most compelling character in “Attack the Block” who, as director Joe Cornish explained, was set to become even more of a hero in the planned sequels.


Selena – 28 Days Later
Easily one of the best horror heroines ever conceived, Selena is a compelling and complex heroine with a tortured past. She confronts every day of the apocalypse with a menace and mercilessness that keeps her surviving until the very end and is damn good with the machete. She’s often cunning and quite brave in “28 Days” and manages to continue on after the movie has ended in to the graphic novels. Even in the alternate darker ending of “28 Days Later” when Jim dies, she still picks herself up and keeps pushing forward in her campaign to survive.


Sergeant Brodski – Jason X
Who else in “Jason X” is willing to go toe to toe with the masked maniac? While all of the lily white characters are running around the space ship and screaming for their lives, Sergeant Brodski stands up against cyborg Jason Voorhees and rarely ever backs down. True Jason manages to bring him down in the first half of the movie, but Brodski returns once again in the finale to heroically battle the maniac, and sacrifices himself to allow the others to live another day. Brodski is a bad ass who gives Jason a damn hard time, and he deserves a lot of credit.