X-Rated Alley: 42nd Street Forever: Peepshow Collection Vol. 11 & 12

xratedalley-logoImpulse Pictures returns with their continued series of “Peepshow Collections” with volumes 11 and 12 on DVD. For folks that enjoy watching these ten to fifteen minute silent reels, these movies are a trip back to a time where porn was viewed in private booths and theaters and often involved a lot of discreet viewers sitting in a dark room to view what was in store for them. Some of the better adult shorts in volume 11 includes “Giant Tits Meets Marc Stevens” where the gorgeous Annie Sprinkles collides with Marc Stevens and indulges him with her large and incredibly impressive body and curves; as well as her bust.

Ms. Sprinkles is one of my favorite vintage adult performers, and she does a bang up job here clinging to her dress and working with Stevens. The shorts are still considerably entertaining and watchable, even when you consider how old the film condition is. Though the film quality isn’t artificial, it’s pretty fun of Impulse Pictures to include the fake projector sound and crackling film, which will duplicate the experience for older audiences and adult film experts. Among some of the better shorts in volume 11 are “Girl Scout Nookies,” a very good short where a sultry girl scout is ambushed by an adventurous couple who engage in a threesome with her.

peepshowsThe final few shorts involve a ton of girl on girl, with some great ones like “After School Fun” where two school girls take a break from studying to engage in some hard sex with one another. It’s a fantastic capper to a rock solid collection, all of which clocks in at a little over a hundred minutes. As with all of the “Peepshow Collections,” Volume 12 features a share of man and woman shorts, threesome shorts, and the lesbian shorts, which seem most entertaining, depending on your taste in adult entertainment, of course. One of the funnier shorts in the three or more section is “Untitled” which begins with one of the female performers grinning from ear to ear as she’s literally sandwiched by two male performers.

It’s kind of a goofy start without any real preamble, there’s also the brutally amateurish “Stunt Fuckers”: which is out of focus for the most part and features extreme close ups of most of the action, making it impossible to watch. The short to look for, though is “Ginger and Desiree” starring a very sexy (“very heterosexual”) Desiree Cousteau who is so awful at performing girl on girl, that she’s mocked in the liner notes in the DVD by writer Robin Bougie. She’s called out particularly in the atrocious miming of oral sex during a close up scene. Both DVD releases feature thorough liner notes to help improve the experience of the collections and are quite fun to skim through.