Five Reasons Why You Should Buy “In Memorium”

inmemorium-1I am proud to say that ever since Amanda Gusack sent Cinema Crazed her found footage film “In Memorium” back in 2006, we’ve been fans and have tried to spread the word about it to everyone who would listen. Amanda Gusack’s found footage horror film is a brutally eerie and creepy take on the sub-genre. I received an email from Ms. Gusack recently that “In Memorium” can now be rented on Amazon. If you’re a fan of “Paranormal Activity” when it was still a creepy ghost movie with an air of mystery and mystique to it before the sequels bogged it all down, “In Memorium” is right up your alley. It’s a creepy, well directed ghost tale and one I still boast about, and these are five reasons you should give it a shot.

5.It Predates “Paranormal Activity”
The making of Amanda Gusack’s found footage horror film is kind of one that’s just a victim of unfair circumstances. Her found footage horror film is immensely similar to “Paranormal Activity,” and even was made a few years before Oren Peli’s. If you watch “In Memorium” and note how similar it feels to Oren Peli’s found footage ghost film, Gusack came a bit earlier and the movie suffered thanks to the tidal wave of marketing that followed “Paranormal Activity.” The circumstances remind me of that “Seinfeld” quote from George Costanza: “It’s like I’m Neil Armstrong. I turn around for a sip of Tang, and you jump out first!”

4.Its Mix of Tragedy and Horror
Like most great horror films, “In Memorium” takes tragedy and mixes it with horror, allowing for a high stakes situation where loss is devastating and we’re actually following human characters. “In Memorium” is set on a young man who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to prop cameras around his house to chronicle his final days. Little does he and his wife know that his illness has attracted pure evil to his house, and it begins to consume their lives. The build up is terrifying with a bang that will leave you with jaw agape.

 3.The Found Footage Makes Sense
With “Paranormal Activity” and all of its sequels, one of the more common complaints I heard is why people were always running around with cameras, even when being attacked by ghosts and demons. Even in the third part, our characters run around with heavy eighties era camcorders to chronicle the terror. In “In Memorium” our main character has propped up a ton of cameras in his house, which means that no matter what we’re going to see action, and our characters become so engrossed in the terror, they forget the cameras are there. As do we.

inmemorium-22.Haunting Imagery, Final Scene
Amanda Gusack is great staging some sharp moments of terror and mounting tension. There are some really stark close ups and great moments of terrifying realizations on the part of the characters. That along with the chaotic finale, and the incredibly creepy final scene really make “In Memorium” a spooky film that’ll linger in your mind for days.

1.Human Story
Some of the greatest horror movies ever made possess humanistic elements and characters that we can connect to. “The Exorcist” held elements of divorce, alienation, and child molestation, “Dawn of the Dead” was about isolation, consumerism, and class warfare, “Carrie” was about bullying, and coming of age in a cruel world, and “In Memorium” garners a tragic back drop in which Dennis is on his final days and tries to save his soul by battling this inexplicable evil force. Dennis doesn’t just find himself at the throes of terminal cancer, but he faces the darkness of death, and his health deteriorates the more he and his wife battle this intruder in to what they wish were peaceful and dignified final days.

“In Memorium” is also available to UK, German, and Japanese viewers!