X-Rated Alley: Up in Flames (1978), Tinto Brass 4-Set

xratedalley-logoUnofficially based on The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Mr. Natural underground comics, “Up in Flames” is an adult film stinker that looks like someone took a bunch of stoners and tried to create their own X Rated comedy for the local grindhouses. At only an hour in length, we meet a trio of slacker stoners that are given one more day to come up with rent for their apartment, or else they’re going to be kicked out.

upinflamesSaid apartment has a sink and toilet in the same room, mind you. The trio of guys goes out to find jobs of their very own, all of which end up with them engaging in sexual exploits of their own. Their friend Mr. Natural is a man wearing an inexplicable fake white beard and burlap sack who has a threesome with his two sexy secretaries while leaving one of the characters outside waiting for an appointment. The editing is piss poor all things considered and the choppy restoration doesn’t make up for what is a pretty dull X rated picture altogether.

Characters get in to sexual scenarios and director John Seman completely avoids the hardcore fodder in exchange for more goofy attempts at slapstick comedy. There’s even a girl on girl scene that’s not much to scoff at, and ends with Mr. Natural being given more of a crucial role than he deserves.

All in all, “Up in Flames” is a silly X Rated film with terrible editing, really bad direction and a series of sequences that are about as unerotic as you can find, with all of these long lost titles being re-released. Sadly, there are no liner notes, but the DVD comes with a look at future 42nd Street Peepshow Titles, being released by Impulse.

Tinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotica Cinema 4 Disc Blu-Ray

Fans of Tinto Brass will be pleased to know that Cult Epics has releasedTinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotica Cinema,” a wonderful box set from the master of erotica, which features four great erotic films from the man, and a slew of extras. There’s “Cheeky!” a very erotic and sexy drama comedy about a gorgeous young girl named Carla, as played by the insanely gorgeous Yuliya Mayarchuk, who goes to London for an internship. When Carla arrives in London before her jealous boyfriend, she begins garnering the attention of a slew of potential lovers, including an older woman who becomes obsessed with her when the two spark an affair.

Now Carla has to end every thread of her affairs before her boyfriend arrives and she commits to a marriage. “Cheeky!” is filled with many erotic moments including a scene in a sauna between her and her female lover. “Black Angel” involves the wife of a fascist party member who begins having an affair with a German lieutenant. Though the movie is heavy in themes, Brass injects his usual sense of keen direction and great use of color, not to mention staging some rather steamy sex scenes. “Private” is something of an anthology where six couples share tales of their affairs.

tintobrassThis involves a man who becomes aroused at other men touching his wife, two couples sleeping with each other in secret, and a German couple who pay a hotel maid to become their sex toy, subjecting her to many degrading sexual acts, et al. Tinto Brass’ direction is at its best here, even if the segments come off a bit uneven and unsatisfying at times. Finally, there’s “Monamour” about a woman who begins a torrid affair with a man she meets at a museum one day.

While the plot is a bit recycled from previous Tinto Bass efforts, it still succeeds in delivering some erotic moments, along with a very good ending. The Blu-Ray is packed with extras all of which are spread over the four discs rather than piled on to one Blu-Ray. On the “Cheeky!” disc, there’s an interview with Tinto Brass, the original trailer, and a still gallery. For “Black Angel,’ there’s a twenty five minute Making Of featurette, an eight minute promotional segment that advertises the film for sellers, the Italian trailer, a large still gallery, and the option to listen to Morricone’s score without the dialogue.

For “Private,” there’s a featurette that clocks in at eighteen minutes. There’s some behind the scenes footage, all of which are in Italian with English subtitles. Finally, there’s a still gallery, and the original trailer for “Private.” For the “Mon Amour” disc, there’s a making of featurette clocking in at sixteen minutes, and finally a trailer for the film. Along with the four Blu-Rays, Cult Epics includes exclusively a feature length ninety minute documentary entitled “Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotica Cinema.” Comprises of long and insightful interviews, there are talks with Mr. Brass, and Nico B., both of whom discuss filmmaking and production. The release comes packed with a full color book inserted in the case and is loaded with artwork and stills, a long and detailed essay about the filmmaker, and his filmography.