Nightmare Sisters (1987) [Blu-Ray/DVD]

nightmaresistersDavid Decoteau’s “Nightmare Sisters” is the result of economic independent horror filmmaking and one of the finer artifacts of eighties horror sleaze. It three of the most iconic scream queens in movie history working together to dole out the best comedy that they can. “Nightmare Sisters” is a silly and often weird horror film that is oddly bloodless, considering it spends a shocking amount of time setting up the fact that our trio of lusty protagonists becomes man eating succubi. In either case, “Nightmare Sisters” is a kitschy bit of eighties exploitation that garners a unique history behind with DeCoteau using the remaining funds for “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama” to complete this movie. That’s just economic and smart thinking.

Melody, Marci, and Mickey are a trio of geeky and awkward college students that all have their own quirks that make it tough for them to make friends and grab dates. When a trio of college guys prepare for a triple date with the girls, the party quickly peters out, prompting the group to liven the party up with a séance. Using a crystal ball Marci bought as an antique, they accidentally summon an evil that causes the trio of girls to be possessed by sex starved, seductive succubi. Before long the girls have an appetite for their dates, and the guys are trying to figure out how to deal with their aggressive sexual advances while learning the origin of the crystal ball. Despite the very nude and kinky trio of friends doing everything to seduce them, the guys look for a way to turn them back to normal.

But the body count begins to rise when their frat brothers crash the party, allowing the girls to feast on their horny interlopers. “Nightmare Sisters” has a good time implementing the trio of scream queens, flexing their comedic chops as well as flaunting their pure sex appeal. While “Nightmare Sisters” isn’t perfect, it’s entertaining to see DeCoteau try to transform his stars in to frumpy, nerds. Oddly enough they’re at their best when they become seductive succubi, including Linnea Quigley whose sexy persona is a rocker chick. The movie stops in its tracks as she performs a rock song while seducing one of her victims, and while it’s woefully tacked on to the movie, it’s a nice segue thanks to Quigley’s undeniable charisma. “Nightmare Sisters” is a charming and cheesy B movie that balances horror, comedy, and erotica very well.

Among the extras fro the new edition is a commentary track with director David DeCoteau and actress Linnea Quigley. There’s also a brief introduction by DeCoteau, along with the alternate feature length TV version of “Nightmare Sisters.” This version edits out the nudity considerably and includes alternate cuts of scenes, including the unveiling of the sexy women who go from completely nude to donning tight lingerie. There’s a twelve minute interview with writer and producer Kenneth J. Hall, and finally an eight minute blooper reel.