Killjoy 3 (2010)

killjoy-3“Killjoy 3” is a simultaneous rip off of “Waxworks” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” as Full Moon works desperately to create a new horror icon. Killjoy is a character who, let’s face it, could probably get his ass kicked by Chucky’s son Glenn, if things got hairy enough. Nothing about “Killjoy” makes too much sense, but you have to admire how the movie tries its damndest to transform mimes in to terrifying villains. Set very specifically in one location, we meet four college students as they’re preparing to have a get together one night involving drinks and horror movies in the house of one of their professors. Student Sandy decides to hold a gathering while he’s away, oblivious to the fact that he just made a broken pact with Killjoy.

After conjuring the demon for some kind of revenge that’s never explained, some kind of ancient is delivered to the house which happens to be a portal in to Killjoy’s world. Anxious for some kind of sacrifice, he begins luring in the students, all of whom he persists on punishing, but not entirely killing. With one of them being held hostage, they and the unnamed professor have to go in to Killjoy’s world and try to save their friends. A lot of “Killjoy 3” is about padding and wasting time, with so much exposition and creating sub-plots that literally lead nowhere. We’re even told that character Zilla has a crush on character Sandy, and nothing becomes of it.

I’m not even sure why Killjoy requests a team of three demonic clowns to help him, if he really needs to lure people to his mirror for him to have any kind of power at all. It’s kind of like Freddy Krueger requesting an army of minions when he’s relatively powerless if people aren’t dreaming. That said, Batty Boop has potential to be a fun side character if written well; it also helps Victoria DeMare is hot. Also, I’m not sure what Killjoy does exactly. He spends a lot of time antagonizing the characters, and mocking them, but what kind of powers does he have as a demon? “Killjoy 3” is a silly horror comedy that’ll inspire groans if only for its lack of narrative, and incoherent plot. You just know someone wasn’t thinking things through when the major plot device of your movie doesn’t even have a name.