12 Deadly Days (YouTube Red)

From Youtube Red and Blumhouse comes, “12 Deadly Days” a limited horror comedy anthology centered on pretty much every element of traditional Christmas. The series overall isn’t perfect, but it’s a good, entertaining horror anthology that works around the format of interwoven stories in a particular universe. “12 Deadly Days” and its formula feel very similar to that of “Trick r Treat” where every story’s end is the beginning of a new tale and situation. The first episode is easily the best of the trio of episodes I was sent, as it’s a fun twist on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Set in modern times, billionaire Scrooge begins getting haunted by a ghost and calls in a pair of ghost hunters known as The Cratchit Brothers.

Before long one of the brothers, who is very cognizant of supernatural activity, begins to learn the mystery of why Scrooge is being haunted. Furthermore, he senses there are three ghosts coming for him. This episode is mostly comedic with a lot of focus on twisting the plot elements of the original story, and it’s a fun episode with a very creative take on the source material. The second tale is centered on a kindly Christmas tree reseller who is murdered on his lot. When his daughter returns home to figure out why he died, she and her uncle slowly realize there is a horrific ancient spirit who has sinister intentions for anyone who sets foot on the lot. Joe Lynch directs this strong follow-up episode, and it’s a very unique use of the traditional tree as a major plot device.

Lastly the show does a good job with vampires, focusing on a young vampire as played by Kaitlin Doubleday, who is having trouble finding a mate. When she meets a young man, she begins falling in love with him. Little does she know he’s a part of a clan of vampire hunters, while he’s oblivious to the fact she’s a blood sucking vampire. It’s a funny, demented and brutally gory Romeo and Juliet installment. “12 Deadly Days” packs in some great talent both from the horror and youtube arena. Horror heavyweights like Joe Lynch, Joe Menendez, Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, and John Hyams direct various episodes, while youtube celebrities like Meghan Reinks, Burnie Burns, Brittany Furlan, Nikki Limo, and comedian Anna Akana et al. all makes appearances as well.

Based on the first three episodes, if you’re a Youtube Red subscriber, “12 Deadly Days” is a very good horror treat that offers up fun tales all of which are drowned in the Christmas spirit. “12 Deadly Days” never skimps on the gore, and always keeps the pacing light and quick. With every installment clocking in at almost a half hour, it’s a fun injection of horror for folks that need an antidote from the Christmas cheer.

New Episodes of “12 Deadly Days” will air daily and exclusively on YouTube Red.