Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)/Fury Road Black & Chrome Double Feature [2 Disc Blu-ray]

There’s a lot to be said for how movies can change dramatically when the color is taken away. Most famously Frank Darabont unleashed a black and white version of “The Mist” which many fans insist amped up the film’s inherent terror, and folks have also testified that “Dawn of the Dead” is much scarier in black and white like its big brother “Night of the Living Dead.” To date there are four editions of “Mad Max: Fury Road” in what is a now ever expanding series of movies and merchandise for the George Miller apocalyptic franchise. Not that I’m complaining minde you, but the studios know where the money is, and people still love “Fury Road.”

George Miller re-visits the world of “Mad Max” with a striking, stunning and brutally entertaining action movie masterpiece, in where Tom Hardy takes up the mantle of Mad Max for Mel Gibson. Hardy’s iteration of Mad Max presents a more barbaric road warrior, who is now being held prisoner by baron Immortan Joe. When he attempts an escape, he’s thrust right in to another battle for innocent lives, as he crosses paths with one armed warrior Imperator Furiosa who is anxiously trying to help a group of wives living under the subservience of Immortan Joe, escape his slavery. Now Max has no choice but to battle an army for the sake of Furiosa and her charges. The newest edition the “Black & Chrome” edition features the original edition of “Fury Road” on Blu-Ray along with the black and white iteration of the entire movie, as fans and the director George Miller wanted.

Allegedly director George Miller thought the original “Mad Max” looked so great while scoring it that he wished he’d made it in black and white. Now here we are with what George Miller considers the definitive edition of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Considering the amazing photography and vivid colors that bring this apocalyptic wasteland to life, I’m surprised, but it’s a good thing “Fury Road” is a great film no matter what color it’s in. The Black and White color also relinquish a lot of the more striking world elements and character aspects, including the chrome soldiers, the unusual appearances of the wives, and the massive sand storm that ensues during the epic car chase that takes up ninety percent of the film’s duration. Miller is not just a normal director prone to thinking inside the box and seeks to build his movie in a bold new vision, allowing respective fans to appreciate “Fury Road” in a brand new light and brand new tone.

While it can be somewhat thought of as another dip in to the fans’ pockets, it’s also an interesting experiment that thankfully doesn’t diminish the quality of “Fury Road.” This release includes the normal Blu-Ray edition with special features from its previous release like Maximum Fury, Fury on Four Wheels, The Tools of the Wasteland, The Road Warriors, The Five Wives: So Shiny, So Chrome, Fury Road: Crash & Smash, and a variety of Deleted Scenes. The Black and Chrome Edition only comes with an introduction from director George Miller. There is also no Digital redemption coupon for this edition of the movie.