Five Great Movies you can watch on in January

For those unaware, “Comet TV” is a new science fiction station on the internet that hearkens back to classic cable’s niche TV networks. “Comet TV” is still young and has a limited, but fun line up of horror, fantasy, and hardcore science fiction, from shows like “Outer Limits,” and “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” and even have their own weekly events on the channel, including a line up of diverse and very interesting movies within the scope of the channel’s science fiction roots.

For fans anxious to bathe in some great science fiction, Comet TV can be found online and is reminiscent of the good old days of the Sci-Fi Channel here in America. This month, Comet TV have an entire list of genre films they’re airing for their audience, and these are five especially good ones we suggest you check out!

Motel Hell (1980)
Sunday, Jan 08, 2017 at 6:00PM EST/PST, 5:00PM CST, 7:00PM MST
“It Takes all Kinds of Critters to Make Farmer Vincent’s Fritters!” Kevin Connor’s darkly demented horror comedy is legendary in its tale of two farmers running a hotel who also make tons of money off of very rare and world famous meats and sausages. When a local sheriff learns that farmers Vincent and sister Ida are literally turning their guests in to cuisine, he enters in to a very violent rabbit hole. The cast are great, including Rory Calhoun, and director Connor creates a very original tale of cannibalism.

Squirm (1976)
Sunday, Jan 08, 2017 at 12:00PM EST/PST, 11:00AM CST, 1:00PM MST
Despite its reputation for being lampooned on MST3K, “Squirm” is a fun and gruesome monster picture with a mystery involving a small town in Georgia and a city boy named Mick who realizes that the sudden disappearance of locals is directly related to the giant worms that have risen from the soil to devour human beings. Filled with some neat gore, and interesting quirks, it’s a worthwhile piece of schlock.

Mad Max (1979)
Monday, Jan 09, 2017 at 4:00PM EST/PST; 3:00PM CST, 5:00PM MST
One of the break-out roles for a very young Mel Gibson pre-“Lethal Weapon,” Gibson stars as Max Rockatansky, an officer in a league of law enforcers on a post apocalyptic Australia who commits to revenge against a gang leader who murders his partner. When the gang hunts down and murders his wife and son in cold blood, Max loses all awareness of the law. Different in tone from the rest of the series, this is a vicious and exciting sci-fi pic with Gibson going whole hog savage.

Flash Gordon (1980)

Monday January 16 at 6/5C; Wednesday January 18 at 2am/1C; Friday January 20 at Noon/11C
A childhood favorite of ours, “Flash Gordon” is the adaptation of the world famous comic strip and embraces the camp. Sam Jones is Flash Gordon, an Earth football player who is thrust in to an intergalactic war and becomes a reluctant hero. Using his wits, quick footwork, and football abilities, he battles the evil Ming the Merciless. Along the way it also offers up some wonderful action, a slick production by Mike Hodges, a top notch cast including Max Von Sydow, and of course the classic soundtrack by Queen.

Arena (1989)
Thursday January 12 at 10am/9C; Saturday January 14 at 6/5C; Sunday January 22 at 4/3C; Friday January 27 at Midnight/11C
“Arena” is a charming science fiction film with a wonderful premise I’d love to see remade some day. Steve Armstrong is one of the rare human gladiators who fights in an arena with a ton of alien warriors, all of whom garner their own unique abilities. When Steve begins training to take the championship he must also fight for his life against aliens that want him dead. The movie is exciting, it’s creative, and the low budget is noticeable, which adds to the appeal. In many scenes of the arena battles, you can see most of the audience in the background is blatantly paper cut outs of characters. You have to love that.