Fists of Fury (2017)

The beautiful but deadly Cynthia Rothrock is back with another of Full Moon’s great compilations entitled “Fists of Fury.” At a little over a hundred minutes, “Fists of Fury” features clips to a ton of famous and infamous martial arts films that tackle all kinds of topics far and wide. There’s “Female Fighters,” the funny but awkward “Brucesploitation,” and “Deadliest Weapons,” movies with some of the most unusual and dead weapons in all of action cinema.

Ms. Rothrock has a good time in her role as the narrator and host of the series of clips, doing battle with a ton of bungling male challengers, all the while presenting something of a buffer course for fans of action cinema, and martial arts cinema. I especially love her confrontation with a bearded foe who beats himself with his own nunchuks. I’m not a big fan of everything shown here, but there is a fun look at how some of the greatest action stars of all time began in film. Sammo Hung, of course, began life as something of a pseudo-Bruce Lee, as well as Jackie Chan.

Both men became juggernauts of action cinema, and carved out their own identities that didn’t stomp on the grave of Bruce Lee. My favorite segment of the compilation is “Female Fighters” as we get to marvel at the slew of incredible warriors that gave their male counterparts a run for their money. “Fists of Fury” is a fun and briskly paced compilation with Rothrock keeping energy lively with some really fun comedy and improv. This is a show purely for the action and martial arts buffs.

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