The Killer Eye (1999)

You could see where David DeCouteau’s contemporary film list started, as “The Killer Eye” is no more a horror film as it is a fifty minute soft core porn with twenty minutes of story added. “The Killer Eye” looks like it was made on a bargain basement budget, and considering the limited scenery, it’s not hard to figure out that DeCoteau put his entire budget on the film’s titular monster. This movie probably introduced a lot of people to hentai for all we know.

In “The Killer Eye,” a mad scientist is intent on creating an eye that can help him look in to another dimension. But his wife is angry he’s devoting all of his time to his experiments and is anxious for some alone time and intimacy. While the pair is arguing about her sex starved life, the scientist hires a very young male prostitute to act his as guinea pig. After being given a chemical, his eye grows to a massive proportion popping out of his head. The eye soon forms a sentience and begins roaming around the scientist’s loft, where he starts molesting all of the sex crazed residents.

It has a particularly good time molesting the women with its phallic tentacle, and gropes them with it before killing them. The eye looks reasonably fake and goofy, bobbing around from scene to scene as if suspended on a wire, while the women allow themselves to be groped by the tentacle. Most of “The Killer Eye” in its seventy minute run time features a ton of eye molestation, soft core sex scenes, and some light science fiction monster madness. It’s hard to believe “The Killer Eye” is one of Full Moon’s rarest horror titles, as it’s so unabashedly moronic and paper thin in its concept and execution. David DeCoteau’s definitely delivered superior genre schlock in the past.