Return of Kung Fu Trailers of Fury [Blu-Ray]

Severin films feeds the appetites of action movie buffs once again with their second part of “Kung Fu Trailers of Fury.” The region free Blu-Ray comes packed with over two hours over kung fu movie trailers that also delves in to comedy, animation, and drama, even. There are thirty five trailers total that skim over the massive landscape of Asian cinema, and fans will be very pleased to indulge in an uncut look at some of the best and most noteworthy films in the sub-genre. While the trailers aren’t all at even volume, with most of them presenting louder or softer volume as a whole, the trailers are offered in their original aspect ratios.

Among the many trailers, the compilation features vintage peeks at films like Thunderbolt, Yellow Faced Tiger (Slaughter in San Francisco), Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat, The Invincible Super Guy, The Invisible Terrorist, Shaolin Invincible Sticks, Bruce and the Iron Finger, Snuff-Bottle Connection, The Story of Chinese Gods, Along Comes the Tiger, The Owl, Two in Black Belt, The Young Avenger, White Haired Devil Lady, The Super Kung-Fu Fighter, Killer from Above, Two Assassins of the Darkness (Kung Fu Killers), Bloody Mission, Revenge of the Shaolin Kid (Master of Death), The Thundering Mantis, Shao-lin Hero Chang San Feng, The Bomb-Shell, Black Guide, One Way Only, The Old Master, Big Leap Forward, Gambling for Head, Silent Romance, Itchy Fingers, Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey, The Legendary Strike, The Instant Kung Fu Man, The Dragon and the Tiger Kids (Hell’s Windstaff) and The Avenging Boxer.

Some of the more memorable movie trailers, there’s “Yellow Faced Tiger (Slaughter in San Francisco)” which features a very rare role by a young Chuck Norris as a villainous crime boss. There’s also “The Old Master,” a notoriously awful action film starring Jim-Yuen Yu in his only film role. He is the master of notable martial arts masters like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Biao Yuen, Corey Yuen, Wah Yuen, and Yuen-Man Meng.

Among the extras, Severin includes a great audio commentary with experts Rick Meyers from “Films of Fury,” Frank Djeng from the NY Asian Film Festival, and Martial Arts instructors Greg Schiller and Rick Stelow of Drunken Master Video. This commentary is much more entertaining than the original from the first compilation, and garners keen insight in to Asian cinema. All in all “Return of…” is a damn fine compilation that will keep action fans entertained, and in awe at a lot of the amazing stunts and gimmicks of classic martial arts films.