The Top Ten Best Moments of “The Walking Dead” Season Seven

Despite a rocky start, “The Walking Dead” season seven was absolutely stellar, as we finally got to meet the man known as Negan. Since Season one most of the threats from outside haven’t shaken Rick and his group’s confidence. Hell, not even a town filled with cannibals could really shake Rick’s determination. It isn’t until Maggie was near death and the massive numbers of the Savior for Rick to be shaken at the core. Negan is a vicious monster who is just as organized and orderly as Rick and his group are. He commands big numbers, strikes fear in to the hearts of many, and is never afraid to demonstrate his wrath over others. Season seven saw Rick be knocked down, and find the courage to get back up again and fight for Alexandria. It was a compelling season and these are ten of the best moments that shocked, amazed, and gripped me.

10. Rosita Takes a Shot at Negan
Episode: Hearts Still Beating

So is it safe to say that Rosita is officially the Han Solo of Rick’s group? In “Empire,” Han was the only person to get a few shots off at Darth before being taken down. In the series not even Rick is willing to defy Negan as Rosita forces Eugene to make her a bullet. After watching Negan just about torment people and raid the town of its remaining resources she boldly takes a shot at Negan point blank. Sadly, the bullet is tumbles hitting Lucille, but that’s enough for him to lose his temper, and attempt to murder Rosita. Eugene admits his to role in the bullet, which then causes Negan to kidnap Eugene, and…

9. Olivia’s Death
Episode: Hearts Still Beating
The fall out from Rosita’s attempt to shoot Negan fails and ends in some really awful casualties. As Rosita lies on the ground accepting her fate, Negan makes an example out of Rosita by having his henchwoman shoot poor Olivia in the face. It’s surprising how many people downright loved Olivia, and her death was a big blow to the heart of the group.

8. Morgan Breaks His Code
Episode: Bury Me Here
Morgan has stuck to his code of not killing for a very long time, but the rising escalations with the Saviors has proven that he can’t sit idly by promoting peace anymore. Now he must go to war if he ever hopes to have peace again. After bonding with young Benjamin, a soldier for the kingdom, things go to hell when one of the Saviors shoots him after a disastrous drop involving cantaloupes. With Benjamin bleeding to death from his gun shot wound, Morgan’s sanity breaks. When he learns that Richard, one of the Kingdom’s soldiers set up the disastrous plot to set off the impending war, he complies in trying to convince the Saviors that they’re playing along to get their guard down. While trading, Morgan breaks, strangling Richard to death in front of the Kingdom and Saviors, and insists that he’s going to comply with their demands from that point on. Later we see Morgan transforming his stick in to a spear, cementing his stance in the war.

7. Sasha Weaponizes Herself
Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
When Sonequa Martin Green was announced as landing a huge role in the upcoming television reboot of “Star Trek” all the fans knew her character Sasha was on the way out. We just couldn’t figure out how and when. After seeing Abraham in a daydream, Sasha decides that she just can’t let Negan use her as a weapon against Rick and Alexandria. She knew Negan would force her hand and use her as leverage to control Rick, so while being transported in a coffin, no less, she ingests homemade poison, which allows her to peacefully die. As planned, when Negan gets the upper hand on Alexandria, he opens the coffin unleashing an undead Sasha on him, which catches the Saviors off guard allowing Alexandria to win some of its momentum back. Sasha chose how she lived, and ultimately she chose how she died, becoming a weapon, but against Negan. Rest in Peace.

6. The Scavengers’ Betrayal
Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

It was never a guarantee that The Scavengers were going to completely comply with Rick and Alexandria, but it was a shock to see them completely turn coat during the huge stand off with Alexandria. Not only did they manage to aide in the deaths of crucial Alexandrians, but proved that they will ally with literally anyone, leaving the war an army short. It’s now up to Alexandria, The Kingdom and the Hilltop alone to bring down the Saviors.

5. Meet Ezekiel and Shiva
Episode: The Well

I think many fans knew we would see the inimitable King Ezekiel of the Kingdom, but I think many fans doubted we’d ever see his pet tiger Shiva. What with the scope and budget of television, it’s tough to render a large tiger in such a short time but lo and behold the series gave us a very convincing depiction of the beloved Shiva. Shiva is, as we learn, a loyal pet and guard to Ezekiel, who used to be her wrangler and trainer before the apocalypse. Shiva went along with him, eventually settling in to the Kingdom. Shiva is a unique addition to the series and one that fans can enjoy, now that the series has realized her beautifully.

4. Shiva Saves Carl
Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
With the Saviors gaining the upper hand thanks to the Scavengers, Rick is forced to be made in to an example to his people once again. Setting Carl beside Rick, Negan announces he’s going to have to execute Carl with Lucille, and Rick remains untainted, insisting he will kill Negan. There’s no working around that. As Negan stands above Carl prepared to take a swing, Shiva pounces out of the corner lunging at his men, effectively saving Carl from being viciously brutalized. It’s a riveting and amazing moment in an already excellent episode, as the Kingdom and Hilltop come to Alexandria’s rescue, setting off the War.

3. Daryl Breaks Down
Episode: Rock in the Road
After being held prisoner, and psychologically broken down by Negan and Dwight, Daryl escapes to the Kingdom, and is protected by Ezekiel and his soldiers at the request of Maggie. After setting out to make contact with Maggie at the Hilltop, the safe haven is invaded by the Saviors, prompting Maggie and Daryl to hide in the basement. After seeing one of the raiders donning Abraham’s hunting knife, Daryl very nearly breaks his cover to attack him but pulls back thanks to Maggie. Maggie questions Daryl on why he acted so reckless, prompting him to break down crying, admitting that he feels immense guilt for Glenn’s death. After losing his temper at the sight of Abraham’s execution, Negan made an example of Glenn, causing Daryl to blame himself. It’s a gripping moment which allows Maggie to assure him that nothing could have been done, and that she is certain Glenn likely would hold no resentment toward Daryl for what unfolded.

2. Negan Executes Abraham and Glenn
Episode: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

After a very controversial season finale in season six, the folks behind “The Walking Dead” delivered easily the darkest and most violent season premiere of the series, bar none. After we finally meet Negan, who manages to trap all of the very important members of Alexandria, including Rick, he decides to make an example out of them by deciding to execute them with his barb wired covered bat he’s named Lucille. It’s a recreation of issue 100 from the original comic books. In the issue, Negan shows his true power as a tyrant by executing Glenn in front of everyone. This time though, the premiere doubles down, as Negan viciously executes Abraham in cold blood. As Abraham accepts his fate, Negan smashes his head in, and beats it to a pulp. Daryl loses his temper lunging at Negan, Negan holds Daryl down, and much to everyone’s utter disbelief, he smashes Lucille in to Glenn’s skull. With his eye popped out of his head, Glenn swears to Maggie that he’ll find her, and Negan finishes him off, smashing his head mercilessly. It’s a horrific and gruesome end to two wonderful characters, including Glenn who was the heart and soul of the series for many years.

1. It All Started With Glenn
Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

While Abraham was a crucial part of the finale, the final scenes of the episode also paid a huge tribute to Glenn Rhee, a character who was the heart and soul of the series. Though we probably never realized it, it all began with Glenn. Glenn kept people together, he sacrificed his life for a lot of people, and were it not for him, Rick Grimes would probably either died in the tank or committed suicide. Without him he never would have found Carl and Lori. Without him, he couldn’t have had the power to stand up and keep fighting. Glenn kept people like Daryl going, he kept Maggie going, and surely enough, as Abraham said, Maggie is holding the future within her, half of which was a part of Glenn Rhee. Negan executed Glenn, but he didn’t extinguish the need to fight and push forward against impossible odds. That lives on with Rick, Maggie and everyone at all three safe havens as they prepare to do war with the Saviors.