Sci-Fi Cinema – 5 Movie Collection (DVD)

Mill Creek Entertainment unleashes another economy movie pack for movie fans, with a five movie DVD Collection. It’s another re-purposing of films already in their library, but for its price it might be worth it for folks interested in experimenting. Featured in the set is “Hands of Steel” featuring a cyborg assassin that is programmed and sent by a corporate industrialist to kill an environmental scientist who plans stop his unsafe work. When the cyborg gains a bond with the scientist, he has to fight the man that created him.

“Laser Mission” from 1990 stars Brandon Lee as a CI agent sent with his partner (Debi Monahan) to retrieve diamonds in Cuba, that are being used as fuel to build a potentially deadly laser weapon. Infamous for being low budget and badly made, it’s at least a nice addition to Lee’s library. “Abraxas – Guardian of the Universe” stars Jesse Ventura as Abraxas, an alien agent sent to Earth to catch an alien fugitive. Things get worse when the alien falls for an Earth woman and impregnates her. There’s “Slipstream” from 1989, starring the late Bill Paxton and Mark Hamill, which centers on a pair of cops whose mission is to bring a fugitive to jail for a huge reward.

They have to evade a bounty hunter who learns about the fugitive and plans to capture him and claim the reward. Using the mythical portal known as the “Slipstream,” he plans to get away with the fugitive. Finally there’s “The Firing Line” starring Reb Brown and Shannon Tweed; Brown plays a Pentagon advisor who learns his own American soldiers are executing local rebels in South America. When he learns about the war crimes, he flees with an innocent woman and team up with the rebels to bring down the corrupt forces he once joined.

Once again, this is an economy DVD set, so folks expecting crisp restorations and tons of features will be sorely disappointed. This is a set solely for the films and you have to settle mainly for the non-restored transfers all on one release.