DC Superhero Girls: Intergalactic Games (2017) (DVD)

For parents looking to introduce their tween children to lighter superhero fare before giving them heavier doses of superhero drama, “DC Superhero Girls” is a nice animated introduction. Based on the hit toy line, “DC Superhero Girls” is set in the superhero high school, where DC Universe’s most powerful superheroes attend to learn how to fight crime. The movie is mostly centered on the female superheroes from the DC Universe including young Wonder Woman, young Batgirl, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Katana, Poison Ivy, and class clown Harley Quinn.

In the new movie “Intergalactic Games,” the super hero high school are preparing for a new series of endurance games similar to the Olympics but find themselves battling robotic menaces the Metal Men. After beating them, Lena Luthor agrees to help re-program them to be good guys, but behind the scenes she and her pet Kryptonite monster have other plans. Meanwhile, Starfire is coming under fire from her sister for including humans in the games, and Wonder Woman is trying to prove to her mother that she can handle being in school.

“DC Superhero Girls” is filled with a ton of sub-plots but also garners some very good and smooth animation that make the movie pleasant to watch. It’s very heavily appealing to younger audiences, but doesn’t dumb down the material like “Teen Titans Go!” There are also a ton of great voice performances from people like Grey DeLisle, and Mae Whitman, as well as Teala Dunn. “Intergalactic Games” is an entertaining and light hearted adventure with some great fan service and nods to the DC universe. I’d definitely recommend it to younger fans.

The DVD features a music video called “That’s My Girl” profiling the key characters in the series, as well as seven featurettes about the various characters and their radical new iterations for the series. These are all short vignettes set before the series that helps establish storylines and threads. “New Beginnings” finds Supergirl being recruited to attend superhero high, “Hero of the Month: Supergirl” finds the heroines coming together to pay tribute to their new classmate, “Batgirl vs. Supergirl” finds the pair competing to get to the cafeteria before it closes for the last piece of super food, “Quinn-tessential Harley” centers on Harley Quinn who becomes viral after starting a new web show, “Doubles Trouble” finds Supergirl learning to play tennis with Katana and Cyborg, “Franken-Ivy” finds Poison Ivy create a pet like plant that goes out of control as he gets bigger and hungrier, finally “Dude Where’s My Invisible Jet?” finds Wonder Woman scrambling to find her invisible jet with the help of her friends before she has to meet up with her mother. Beyond that, there are trailers and language options.