X-Rated Alley: Virtual Encounters 2 (1998), 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 20 (DVD)

“Virtual Encounters 2” is from Surrender Cinema, one of Charles Bands’ sub labels that specialized in the type of movie you’d usually find on late night Fridays and Saturdays on Cinemax back in the nineties. It’s always a good sign when you enter in to a new movie and the first thing you see are a woman’s erect nipples. “Virtual Encounters 2” is the okay sequel to the okay original film. The sequel follows a new group of characters, setting down on two dorm mates at Midvale College. Mel has wet dreams about the girl of his dreams and is discovered by his roommate Sam who actually can score with women. Sam convinces Mel to attend an art class with nude models and Mel is shocked to see one of the nudes are the girl of his dreams.

He consistently fantasizes about her, and to relieve his frustration he buys a VR kit from Surrender Cinema. I didn’t think Band and Full Moon were meta until the mid-aughts, but oddly enough his movie is heap full of meta-nods to the company. Mel gets his rocks off indulging in ho hum fantasies including having sex with gorgeous rocker babes. There’s another fantasy involving two girls and a guy at a construction site. Man, these people have such vanilla sexual fetishes.

In either case, Mel introduces Sam to the VR kit, and he begins using it, and soon the computer becomes the rage of the college as they begin charging other students to use it. Of course the girls in the school also begin to use the VR kit which also isn’t much fun when they begin to finally fantasize. But there are at least a few funny moments including a user imagining himself with big boobs, and an odd blooper reel in the closing credits just to pad out the run time.

As with most Surrender Cinema movies, people solve problems with sex, and no one thinks to order their own VR kit for their own personal amusements. Impulse Pictures is back with volume 20 of “The Peep Show Collection.” Impulse collects a series of short reels for porn aficionados that want to re-visit a time where watching pornography involved sneaking in to a local shop or peep show in the middle of Times Square and paying money for shorts of all kinds.

Among the chapters, there is Boy/Girl, the always fun Three or More, and finally a category for Lesbian Encounters. The shorts are even better than ever now, with some of the best quickies so far. Among some of my personal favorites, there’s “Fix My Clock” where a really hot woman in all red, including Red Spandex, invites a repairman over to fix her clock.

While there, the two indulge in some naughty one on one. There’s “Untitled” where two school girls in pig tails have a one on one session after digging through old records, and get it on with a black gentleman, “Women with Cocks” features a trio of female rockers having a threesome, while “Female Hairdresser” finds a client getting it on with her gorgeous hairdresser.

The liner notes features an essay by Dimitrios Otis, porn archaeologist, and he muses on the evolution of man caves, and how men built their own caves with their own erotica starting from high school lockers, and bed room walls with posters of our favorite babes, right up to grindhouse cinemas, and stag films for personal smoker parties.

It’s an insightful look at the male’s ability to mature through various domiciles.


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