Star Wars: Dark Legacy (2017)

We all know well and good about the turbulent and peaceful relationship between the Jedi and his padawan, but how often do we get to see the relationship between Siths and their apprentices? “Dark Legacy” explores the typically twisted and weird relationship between the Sith and their apprentices and how it can be emotionally draining and quite violent. The training revolves more about brainwashing and the Stockholm syndrome and director Anthony Pietromonaco delves in to the demented dynamic and how it makes or breaks the apprentice.

“Dark Legacy” is a beautiful short film that delves in to the darker corners of the “Star Wars” universe, and Pietromonaco is eager to also look in to lesser known plot elements. Centered on Kia, she’s been chained and held prisoner by her sith master, and he is insistent on testing her psychological strength, as well as her temper. Her training is apparently based on how far she’s willing to go to survive, and her dilemma transforms in to a nightmare. Pietromonaco sets the entire short film on a deserted bit of terrain in the “Star Wars” universe, and Kia has to endure the tricks and viciousness of her sith master, while focusing on showing her skill as a Sith lord.

The special effects team pulls off a great feat, building a wonderful tone of darkness and adding a brilliant sense of color and grit. Everything from the fights right down to the lightsabers is unique and stunning to watch, and we feel genuine emotion behind the turmoil Kia endures with her master. I loved so much of the production, including one scene involving a hallucination and a dozen lightsabers. The entire cast does a bang up job, with some ace choreography, and engrossing lightsaber fights. Anthony Pietromonaco’s production is a remarkable and stellar fan film, one that should appeal to “Star Wars” buffs anxious to delve in to the morbid symbioses of the Sith and their apprentice.