Undress Me (2017) [Fantasia International Film Festival 2017]

I can’t wait to see more from director Amelia Moses in the future, as she seems to be a promising horror director with a lot to say. Though “Undress Me” is a short film, it’s also a very grotesque and disgusting body horror film. “Undress Me” will inspire many audiences to interpret its message and I perceived it as an allegory for rape and the psychological fall out that comes with being raped.

“Undress Me” begins with young college freshman Alice barely making it in to a fraternity college party, and soon begins to take her lead from what she’s seeing around her. Alice is convinced this is an event that will grant her popularity, and is saddened when she’s reduced to nothing but a wall flower. When she meets a young frat brother who introduces himself to her, she takes it upon herself to invite herself to his room. Before long, Alice is alone with him and is left pretty lost the days after. As is she wracked with confusion, she begins to notice marks on her body, and soon begins ripping pieces of her own skin off.

This culminates in to a grotesque and disgusting scene in a shower, as Alice is left with the deteriorating state of her flesh. The special effects from Kay MacDonald are remarkable, with the gore and grue serving a crucial purpose. Is Alice inflicting these wounds on herself out of disgust from what happened, or is this a manifestation of the disgust she feels from being victimized? One thing is for sure, aside from the stomach churning final scene, “Undress Me” will surely get audiences talking with its evocative subject matter, and very unique overtones. Everyone from star Lee Marshall, to Moses’ stark directing style is absolutely memorable, and I hope audiences look for it.

The Fantasia International Film Festival run from July 13th to August 2nd.