Trick or Treat Spooktacular Collection (DVD/Digital)

“Ghouls, Goblins and Ghosts are Running Amok In This Frightfully Fun Family Collection!” For Halloween festivities this year, Mill Creek Entertainment has offered animation fans a chance to watch some off beat and classic family fun in the spirit of All Hallows Eve. Featured on the DVD are five classic Casper the Friendly Ghost shorts that I grew up with. Among the five are “There’s Good Boos Tonight,” “The Friendly Ghost,” “Boo Moon,” and “A Haunting We Will Go.”

The shorts feature the titular ghost as he spends his days looking for a friend, anxious to convince people he’s not interested in scaring them. “Boo Moon” finds Casper being captured on the moon and being caught in the middle of an a war between two alien races, while “A Haunting We Will Go” is a heartbreaking short where Casper befriends a young Fox that is being hunted. If you don’t feel like running head first in to a moving train afterward, there are three very old “Fleischer Studio Classic” shorts including “The Cobweb Hotel, The Fresh Vegetable Mystery, and Magic Mummy.”

My favorite is the first of the trio, which finds a vicious spider finally meeting his match when a fly who happens to be a boxer comes to camp out near his web. Finally, there are a slew of animated shorts from “The Storybook Series” featuring “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” “Ghost in the Shed,” “Noises in the Night,” “Misunderstood Monsters,” “Three Golden Hairs,” and “The Boy Who Couldn’t Shiver.” They’re fairly entertaining truncated spooky stories for kids and should serve as nice treats for Halloween evening. The DVD release comes with a Digital copy available to all consumers where they can redeem it for free which allows them to play their copy on most digital platforms.