Cinema Crazed Holiday Gift Guide: Our Suggestions for the Respective Geek or Movie Lover

It’s that time of year, the time where we rush out to buy presents for our loved ones for Christmas, or Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus. Or whatever you celebrate. To ease the troubles of looking for something special for that nephew you’ve only met two times in the last ten years, but know he likes movies… we have suggestions for you!

What would a Cinema Crazed gift guide be if we didn’t tout the writing from our favorite contributors past and present? If any of these books peak your interest, be sure to purchase them and show your support!

Cinema Crazed Founder and Writer Felix Vasquez released Orphan Sword, Volume 1in February. It is an ode to the Zatoichi movie series. The first in a planned multi-chapter series, it follows an enigmatic drifter who walks softly, and carries a deadly stick sword; when he arrives in a metropolitan known as Centurion City, he is forced to figure out why the homeless population is disappearing. It is now available for low prices in paperback and kindleContributor Phil Hall is a seasoned author, film writer, and actor and has released some fine books any self respecting movie fan should read. Available through Michael Weiss Productions, there’s Independent Film Distribution – 2nd edition: How to Make a Successful End Run Around the Big GuysRun Around the Big Guys: “This new updated edition provides a wide range of interviews with filmmakers, distributors, festival programmers, marketing experts, and critics,” and The History of Independent Cinema: “The History of Independent Cinema is a tribute to the legendary filmmakers and landmark films that reshaped – and continue to reshape – American popular culture.” Neal Bailey’s new novella The Man with the Power to Kill with his Eyes can now be bought on Kindle Unlimited. “For decades everyone picked on Alan, and Alan kept quiet. Now, he’s inadvertently stumbled upon a way to take revenge on everyone who ever did him wrong.”

Joe Oliveto unleashed Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare, a loving tribute to the classic kids book series from the nineties. Featuring his own scary stories and spooky illustrations, it’s great bit of nostalgia now for sale on kindle.

FilmStruck is an online streaming service for movie buffs and aspiring movie buffs and is even available for film education. Now that Netflix only plays contemporary classics, while the rest of their library ae original TV series, FilmStruck is a joint venture with Criterion an Turner Classic Movies, allowing them to stream actual cinema that’s challenging, fresh, and unique.

Infinity Gauntlet Graphic Novel (Marvel Comics)
One of the most talked about cinematic events of 2018, is also one of the most iconic story arcs of 1991, and arguably, in Marvel comics history. The power mad titan Thanos seizes the infinity gauntlet and its gems and lays waste to the entire Marvel universe. Every single character is murdered in horrendous ways from Thor, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Daredevil, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and has a great face off with Captain America. If you want to bone up before the movie, it’s highly recommended.

Wonder Woman (2009) (DC/Warner)
One of the most acclaimed comic book movies of the year, Wonder Woman made many movie critics top ten end of the year lists, and for good reason. If you want continue the further adventures of Diana Prince and the heroic Wonder Woman, watch her excellent 2009 animated movie starring Keri Russell as Diana, Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor, and Alfred Molina as the villainous Ares!

King of Horror Collection
2017 was the year of Stephen King with so many highs and lows of entertainment based on the king of horror’s literary works. If you want to bone up on some of King’s best cinematic adaptations, buy the “King of Horror Collection,” which features four King classics like “Cat’s Eye,” “The Shining,” “Salem’s Lot,” and the original “IT.”

Misery: Collector’s Edition (Scream Factory)
What would a King collection be without the classic tale of a world famous author tormented by his biggest fan? Horror classic “Misery” gets a brand spanking new edition from Scream Factory while the movie itself is as excellent as ever. 

George A. Romero Between Night and Dawn (Arrow Video)
We lost one of the greatest masters of horror and subversive horror directors in 2017, George A. Romero. Though he is known mainly for his groundbreaking zombie movies, Romero also directed many more overlooked genre gems. The set includes “There’s Always Vanilla,” “Season of The Witch” and “The Crazies” and comes in Arrow Video’s trademark pristine packaging. 

Stranger Things Season One (Netflix)
If you’re in the mood for serial television and are still on Stephen King high, “Stranger Things” season one was unleashed with a beautiful Target exclusive set. Packaged like a vintage VHS tape, the series comes packed with a great collector’s edition, including the hit Netflix series in all its uncut glory on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Collative Learning – Rob Ager’s Film Analysis
Part of the Collative Learning website, Rob Ager is one of my favorite film analysts and essayists on the internet. He’s created some of the most exhaustive, engrossing, and intelligent dissections of some of the best films ever made. Like a lot of movie buffs, he has a fascination for Stanley Kubrick and has come very close to solving the mystery of the final scene of “The Thing.” He even penned a controversial essay about “The Exorcist” and its implications of sexual abuse. While a lot of the episodes are available officially on youtube, there are a ton of exclusive episodes for sale on Collative Learning.