Supercon (2018)

A group of convention regulars decides they have had enough and put together a plan to get back at an unscrupulous convention runner and a sleazy actor.

Directed by Zak Knutson who co-wrote with Andy Sipes, and Dana Snyder, Supercon takes things convention goers see every day on the show floors and outside the convention centers and mixes them with heist film tropes and comedy to create an odd little thing that is greatly fun to watch. Convention goers and workers will see a lot of things that they have seen themselves from the extravagant cosplayers to the over-charging has-beens by way of panels that don’t make a lot of sense and cars getting more attention than comic book creators. The film touches on many of the issues seen in the geek convention landscape and takes a little bit from every one of them, giving them a bit of exaggeration along the way, but keeping them entertaining once presented as they are here.

The cast of Supercon is interesting as it contains people like Ryan Kwanten, Maggie Grace, John Malkovich, Clancy Brown, Brooks Braselman, and Mike Epps to name but a few. As some of their parts are ridiculous and some are way over the top, they all do great work in bringing forth to the screen a few clichéd people in ways that make them fun to watch. Maggie Grace for example takes her funky-color-haired character and gives her a little something extra that makes her charming and one that the viewer wants to watch get through the entire plot. Brooks Braselman as Brock Hutchinson is fun and a bit much at times, but he makes the most of each and every one of his scenes, bringing life and joy to everything he does, may it be in white go-go boots or while covered in poo. The two of them make the entire crew shine and make them all more than fun to watch.

Something that was more important than it is in other comedies of late is the costume design as there are a bunch of cosplayers and a few eccentric characters. The costume design by Bonnie Stauch is good overall with a few moments of sheer genius. The cosplays she creates for Braselman to wear, the random background costumes, the ridiculous suits Clancy Brown’s Adam King wears, it all culminates in a colorful, cheery mess of clothes much reminiscent, if a bit overdone, of actual comic book conventions, albeit not necessarily the biggest and baddest ones, but the fun ones where fans go just for the fun of things and not to spend 3 days sleeping outside for just one panel. Her work helps bring the characters to the screen and helps them being more complete, even if a bit over the top at times.

Supercon is a fun watch that will bring some memories and some of the conventions ridiculousness to mind for those who have been or are current regulars. The film takes some of the gripes most people have seen going to conventions and finds a funny and entertaining way of getting back at some of the sources of these issues. The film has decent acting all around with some over-the-top nonsense that makes the film more than just a convention send-up or heist comedy.