HI-DEATH (2019)

I honestly never go in to any movie prepared to hate it. I approach every single movie with even the lowest of expectations and always hope to be surprised and thoroughly entertained. With “Hi-Death” though, this is a movie I had a difficult time finding any redeeming traits for. I love anthology horror, I love throwbacks to classic VHS and SOV days of horror and science fiction, but “Hi-Death” is a confusing mess of an indie horror film that will test the patience of any hardcore horror fan.

What hurts “Hi-Death” so much is that none of the themes gel together to create a cohesive experience. The movie begins like a classic VHS tape, then we’re given a frame of a story involving two young girls touring Hollywood while taking pictures on their cell phones. While doing so, we cut to five horror shorts all of whom vary from boring, silly, and downright pointless. If anything one scene involving Cthulhu looking over a cityscape while being filmed on a cell phone camera was a neat homage to “Prince of Darkness.” Beyond that it’s slim pickings.

Among the tales, there is “Death Has a Conscience”, a dull opener teeming with potential it never realizes. “Dealers of Death” is again a good idea about the perils of collecting serial killer memorabilia but fails from a terrible execution and a final scene that goes on much too long.  “Night Drop” has an interesting setting with a vague connection to the gimmick of the anthology but fails to deliver, then there’s the weird “Cold Read” that never registers beyond an apathetic shrug, and finally “The Muse” which ends in the pretty cool aforementioned final scene.

“Hi-Death” combines a ton of indie filmmakers and aspiring horror directors to fulfill the anthology quota, but they never add up to an entertaining or even creepy anthology horror film. It’s schlocky, terrible, monotonous genre fodder that actually garners nuggets of good ideas here and there. I wish all the filmmakers behind this film well. I just don’t recommend “Hi-Death” to anyone.

Now Available on VOD, DVD, and Limited Edition VHS.