Shevenge (2019)

In this anthology inspired by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, producer Staci Layne Wilson brings together a dozen shorts with themes and content about abuses of power, sexual abuse, and issues affecting women in particular. The stories range from a woman in therapy to a ghost attacking men in a public restroom. Here the shorts all contain storylines that will make viewers think with styles that entertain, scare, and even amuse. The talent in this anthology is of high quality and some of the shorts will be familiar those film festival regulars.

The film was put together by Staci Layne Wilson who directed the wrap around story as well as two of the shorts and tells the many tales of lady vengeance. Here the many stories all revolve around revenge and come together under four parts or themes: Kiss and Kill, Murderous Moms, Anger Mismanagement, and Love You to Pieces. The 12 shorts composing these are a bit uneven in quality but some definitely come above the others in quality and rewatchability. The top ones in terms of quality and awesomeness for this reviewer are Psycho Therapy by Staci Layne Wilson (written by Staci Layne Wilson), For a Good Time Call… by Izzy Lee (written by Christopher Hallock), Hooker Assassin by Misty Dawn (co-written by Misty Dawn and Hanna Campbell), and The Fetch by Cheryl Isaacson (written by Cheryl Isaacson). These are the strongest of the dozen and they show great storytelling skills and directing skills. The films each have something special about them, but these four are the top of the bunch. The Fetch is one that hit particularly hard given its environmental aspects on top of everything else going on in it. Added to these four shorts, All Men Must Die and Lady Hunters must also be noted for their stories and how close to home they feel like they hit.

Kathleen Wilhoite and Brooke Lewis give the move interesting performances of all the short films, each making their characters their own and giving their films personality, a sense of realism in Wilhoite’s case and spunk in Lewis’ case. The performances in each of the films work for their stories and show that when carefully picked, a cast can take a story and make it something truly memorable. Some of the cast members are a bit known, but the majority is fairly unknown which works great here, giving zero expectation as what is to come, allowing the performances to just speak without the weight of established personas or previous larger-than-life presences. The film gains from a lot of the people being involved being really experienced while the faces in front of the camera will most of the time be lesser known and easier to imagine in any part.

Shevenge is an entertaining anthology with a whole dozen of short films, which means there is literally something here for everyone. The theme of revenge put on by women is one that is seen from time to time, but not often of this magnitude. Here 11 filmmakers have their visions presented in an organized manner which leads to easy watching on a Saturday night or any night. Shevenge is a film of its time and perfect to remind people of what is going on in the world without having to repeat everything over and over. It’s a film that is entertaining and thought-provoking while remaining cohesive, something that is harder to achieve then some might think.

Profits from the film will go to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund and can be watched it here.

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