Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]

For folks that loved the original 2009 “Wonder Woman” animated DC movie, Warner and DC have rebooted “Wonder Woman” in to the New 52 mold with a refresher on her origin and a twist on her relationship with Steve Trevor. I can’t say that I liked “Bloodlines” as much as I did “Wonder Woman,” but it’s a pretty good piece of action filler until the live action sequel arrives in theaters very soon. “Bloodlines” is interested in expanding on Wonder Woman’s world and that’s what it excels in, most of the time.

After Steve Trevor crashes on Themyscira, Diana renounces her throne from her people to leave with him to protect Man’s World from coming world war. While serving as an agent in the world war with Trevor, Diana finds an adoptive family with archeo-anthropologist Julia Kapatelis, and her teenage daughter Vanessa. Jealous of Diana’s attention, she blames her when their mother is fatally shot during combat. Anxious to wreak revenge, she transforms herself in to a genetically altered villain known as “Silver Swan” and teams with Villainy, inc. to destroy the world and take down Wonder Woman.

“Bloodlines” is at its very best when it focuses on the idea of family and the difficult dynamic between mothers, daughters, and sisters. I was a bit confused when the movie basically rebooted the whole storyline of Diana and Trevor, but once the movie picked up steam it amounts to a pretty entertaining sequel. “Bloodlines” embraces a lot of the old tropes from “Wonder Woman” lore while also propping her up for a new age, even introducing a sleeker and more armored outfit. Director Sam Liu is able to deliver a lengthy narrative in such a short time and thankfully breezes right through the remixed origin of Diana and Trevor as well as her being cast out of Themyscira.

While most of the DC Animated movies thrive on featuring shoehorned cameos from other DC characters, thankfully “Bloodlines” is pretty much Wonder Woman’s and Wonder Woman’s only. There are appearances from many of her rogues from Silver Swan, and Poison, to Cheetah, and Giganta. There’s also an interesting introduction of the new Etta Candy, who is depicted as fiercer and gay. I also loved the introduction of Ferdinand, the humble minotaur. While “Bloodlines” isn’t great, it’s a fitting bit of action fodder with a great cast including Jeffrey Donovan, Constance Zimmer, and Rosario Dawson who takes the mantle of Wonder Woman once again. “Bloodlines” seems to be leading in to another epic narrative for Wonder Woman handle all her own and with Superman being given his own two film series, I think she deserves it. I look forward to seeing where the follow up ventures.

Along with the DVD and Digital Copy, there’s DC Showcase: Death, a nineteen minute all-new animated short, based the Sandman supporting character created by Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg. It centers on follows a struggling artist named Vincent Omata after he loses another job. Confronted by Death, he confronts his personal demons, and must come to terms with his fate…but not before searching through old memories on the way through Hell. The Cheetah: Ferocious Archenemy is an eleven minute featurette with up a brief history of the long-time Wonder Woman villain featured in Bloodlines.

There are some great comments and insights from the cast, crew, and DC notable creators. There are Stills from comic books, Super Friends, and other media keep that convey her history with DC and Wonder Woman. There’s the eleven minute Sneak Peek at “Superman: Red Son,” an extended look at the upcoming 2020 animated movie based on Mark Millar’s three-issue Elseworlds series originally published in 2003. Included is input from key cast and crew members, as well as short clips and storyboards from the in production film. There are two archival previews for past films, and finally the only two episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold where Wonder Woman guest stars: “Triumvirate of Terror!” and “Scorn of the Star Sapphire!”