X Rated Alley: Peepshow Collection Vol. 32, Vol. 33, & Vol. 34 (DVD)

The long running series from Impulse Pictures continues chugging ahead and fans of classic and vintage pornography will enjoy what kind of time capsule these DVD’s bring to the forefront of film appreciation. While the DVD’s can be touted as porno, you can also appreciate these DVD’s as a film lover, film buff, film historian, or historian of pornography. The art of pornography has surely changed since the invention of moving pictures, and this continues the dive in to a great decade.

The seventies is one of my favorite decades of the genre, and this is the time where we start to see the more recognizable names much more prominently. There’s everyone from John Holmes, Vanessa del Rio, and Annette Haven, as well as Arcadia Lake, Ron Jeremy, and Linda Shaw. As usual, the series of short reel films are presented in sections including five guy on girl shorts, five girl on girl shorts, and or five threesome/orgies shorts, and they typically don’t have much of a narrative.

There’s just a lot of set up to the sex, which is good for anyone that doesn’t like the whole rigamarole and foreplay before the action. Among some of the best in the bunch of Peep Show Collection Volume 32, there’s “Reluctant Virgin Part 1,” and “Bad Ass” as well as “Three Star Love,” which includes a lesbian orgy with the immortal Vanessa Del Rio. There are also such goodies like “Sunrise Service”, “Lick Me Clean”, and “Shower Head.” I quite loved “Vanessa Does Debbie” in which Vanessa Del Rio takes on a gorgeous blond woman in a hot tub.

Volume 33 and Volume 34 includes “Sex Star’s Interview” which features the gorgeous Loni Sanders being interviewed for a job with Ron Jeremy. “Cookie’s Two Way Treat” is another good short with Jeremy yet again, this time in the throes of a hot blond woman. “International Boutique” is a Swedish porn short with two Asian girls who get down with a male clerk as they try various clothes and dresses on. Each volume of “The Peepshow Collection” DVDs comes with fifteen 8mm loops transferred by Impulse Pictures from original film elements with their original 1.34.1 full frame aspect ratio. The quality varies vastly throughout the releases, as all of the 8mm shorts look crisp despite some warping and damage.

Don’t expect HD transfers. As with all of the releases, the DVD also comes with an audio option of a film projector clicking, which should add to the novelty. As with all of the DVD releases, there are essays included in the DVD case recalling the bygone era of porn and porn theaters.

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