Five Great Movies Isolated to One Room or Setting

2020’s been a crazy year so far, and I like to think of Cinema Crazed as one of the few safe havens from the anxiety and stress from reality. That said though, I couldn’t help but think over some great movies about isolation and quarantining and thought I’d mention five great movies set in one room or setting that enhances the feelings of isolation.

Be sure to let us know some of your favorites, and be safe out there.

5. Tape (2001)
Richard Linklater’s drama is a very bold movie that takes place in a small hotel room and never leaves the premises. Starring Robert Sean Leonard and Ethan Hawke, they play two vastly different friends and ex high school classmates that are confined to their motel room awaiting a guest. As they wait, they spend their time discussing old days, memories, and a haunting incident that might affect the rest of their lives. “Tape” with its small budget and minimalism, amounts to an engaging drama that leads in to a great final act.

4. The Night Eats the World (2018)
I was shocked how much Dominique Rocher’s zombie movie was overlooked in 2019. I was instantly intrigued by its premise, and the result is a disturbing, haunting, and compelling tale of isolation during the apocalypse. When Sam awakens after dozing off during a party at his friends’ flat, he is horrified to wake up to see zombies have invaded Paris. Now barricaded in her apartment building alone, he tries to stave off cabin fever, isolation, anxiety, loneliness, and hysteria all the while facing the inevitability that he’ll have to move on eventually. “The Night Eats the World” is a unique take on the zombie apocalypse that focuses on the psychology of facing this horrific new world alone.

3. Right At Your Door (2006)
Packed with post-9/11 paranoia, Corey Hawkins plays Brad, a musician who is stuck in the middle of a terrorist attack. After many dirty bombs are set off in the city, Brad rushes back home and seals himself in his house. When his wife Lexi makes it home begging to be let in, he must decide whether to let her in despite possibly being a biohazard, or leave her to fend for herself outside. Filled with hard choices and compelling performances, Chris Gorak’s thriller is one you won’t forget.

2. 12 Angry Men (1957)
My all time favorite movie, barnone, is an adaptation of the classic stage play. Starring an ensemble of Hollywood heavyweights, Sidney Lumet’s drama focuses on twelve jurors tasked with deciding the fate of a young man who is on trial for murdering his father. Henry Fonda is a juror who believes the young man is innocent, and makes it his mission to convince everyone in the room otherwise. “12 Angry Men” never fails to suck me in as a compelling, mesmerizing and exciting tale about classism, racism, and morality.

1. Compliance (2012)
Craig Zobel’s drama thriller is a shockingly overlooked dramatic thriller based on a true story. Set over the course of one day, a young fast food worker named Becky is called to her bosses office and accused of theft by a police officer over the phone. As the officer indicates the severity of the crime, Becky is subjected to harsher and harsher degrading acts. Soon enough she’s held against her will and forced in to various punishments at the behest of the officer on the phone. “Compliance” is a great examination of the gullibility and sadism of human beings, and how much cruelty they’re willing to commit under the influence of authority and their own sense of self righteousness.