Dead Dicks (2020) [Rising Sun Festival 2020]

A suicidal man finds out that he can’t really die when each attempt leads to a copy of himself being sent into the world through his apartment. With his sister, they try to understand what is going on.

Written and directed by Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer, Dead Dicks approaches the subject of male depression and suicide by creating a story that borders on the bizarre. Their work here takes the subjects at hand make them more palatable by adding some absurdity and nonsense to it all. The way things are approached here makes them pass more easily while also bringing up important questions. The film also approaches subjects of family, responsibility, tolerance, and how each person responds to crazy situations. There is a ton of imagination at play here and its used in the best way possible. Now, it is difficult to review the story and how it’s approached without spoiling it, so the least said, the better.

The cast here is mainly composed of two people, Heston Horwin and Jillian Harris as siblings Richie and Becca who both give performances that come off realistic and honest. Horwin has the meatier part of the suicidal depressed man and he gives this character a reality that is just right in how he brings something that is far more frequent than admitted to and far less approached than it should be. His representation of depression and how it can cause a lot of damage when not properly handled is something that is of great importance and he clearly knows this and cares about this. His work gives a voice to a lot of men who may just feel voiceless in their situations. His work is the may part of this film and he makes it count.

Dead Dicks is a film that is written, directed, performed, shot, etc with care, something that is of great importance as its central subject is one that needs more attention. Of course, the film takes an odd road to get to its point, but it eventually does and is not lost on the viewer through it all. It’s an important film that takes the entertainment route with a hard subject and makes it work for the best. It’s a film that may be hard for some to watch, so trigger warning is in play here because it approaches the subject of suicide, shows dead bodies, and talks about feelings that some may not be ready to face. That being said, this is why it’s important film and how it deals with it all is why it works the way it does.