Linnea Quigley’s Paranormal Truth

I wish I could have loved “Paranormal Truth” but the fact is that the show is about twenty years too late. The series, produced with twelve episodes, is one of the many, many (many!) documentary shows that investigates stuff about the occult that we’ve all brushed with time and time again. There’s episodes about vampires, zombies, exorcisms, devil worship, and so much more special interest stuff that you probably already know too much of.

The initial draw for the series is Linnea Quigley, but upon viewing the first episode (the only episode they gave me a pass to watch), she only voices a few segments, and is primarily the executive producer. So if you’re in to this for the sake of Quigley, you might end up feeling short changed. Truth be told, the series is off to a good start, but doesn’t go anywhere I haven’t researched ad nauseum since I got my first adult library card. The first episode is about the undead, discussing Vampires, and then zombies. Of course, there are looks at people that dress as vampires, there’s a talk with Anne Rice, and there’s even a glimpse at the process of producing actual fangs.

One of the only interesting aspects of this segment is the glimpses at a “vampire” drinking blood from an actual host. Apparently there are people that can be hired by blood drinkers, and we see on screen as they’re poked by a sharp scalpel and watch as their blood is sucked from the wounds. That’s admittedly something I’ve never seen on one of those past TV documentary series. That said, if you want great Halloween background noise, I could see this successfully putting you in the mood. But you won’t see anything here that you haven’t already seen on Youtube.

The 12-episode first season premieres soon on DRagonFLIX.